Good Food, Good Wine, Good Sex, Goodbye by Marilyn Suttle

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Marilyn SuttleIt’s time to experience more peace, joy, and self-compassion. Now is the time to break through to experiencing a passionate, more success-filled life.

Yes, it’s a loaded title, with a meaning much different than it might seem. It’s for women who want to design their lives to be even more successful, vibrant and fulfilling. Many of my female clients are high powered, type-A, masters of the universe personalities who are brilliant but time-starved, accomplished but exhausted. I see talented women, making a difference in so many ways, and they’re in need of reevaluating to make sure they’re heading in a direction they really want to go.

To enjoy the good things that life has to offer, we women need to say goodbye to habits and attitudes holding us back from enjoying fulfilling experiences.

There are four main areas professional women need to explore to have breakthroughs in success, fulfillment, and peace of mind.


Good Food” represents body image. No good can come from comparison to an airbrushed ideal of the perfect body. Even supermodels don’t look like their photos in real life! Does your current body image help or hinder you?

You can improve your body-image regardless of imperfections. One way to do that is to look at every body part with compassion. Acknowledge your body, just the way it is, for carrying you through life. You wouldn’t be here without it!

If your busy lifestyle leaves you fueling your body on caffeine and adrenaline, it’s time to start feeding your body, mind, and soul with what would truly keep you active and engaged… long term.

We women take really good care of what we love and it’s time to make peace with the changes our bodies go through during the different phases of life. As we give up criticizing our size and shape, we’re more present to taking better care of ourselves and enjoying good food without feeling guilty.


Good Wine” represents enjoying the finer things in life. Finer doesn’t have to mean expensive. Do you allow yourself to enjoy quality experiences?

I have a friend who moved to a new home that came with a luxurious hot tub. She lived there for three years and only used it twice! Can you relate? I can. There’ve been times when I would have loved to light candles at the dinner table, put on soft music, or read a really good book. Instead, I either found something to clean, or numbed out in front of the

TV watching mindless reruns after a hard day’s work.

We deserve to enjoy quality moments in life. We are worth taking time out to meditate, walk, or lose ourselves doing something fun simply because we enjoy it.

We need to create the time for ourselves to enjoy simple pleasures – to pour the wine, light the candles and soak in the bath.

We also need to create quality moments each day to celebrate what’s going right and all that we accomplish.


Good Sex” means more than the obvious. It’s about unleashing our loving, feminine nature, even when hormonal changes take place at various stages in our lives. It’s the emotions we feel when we watch a sunrise, or see a work of art, and the sensations we feel when gliding

moisturizer over our arms and face.

It’s the pleasure of moving our bodies in dance. We are sensual beings. When we live in the mystery and power of our sensuality, even simple things become pleasurable.

Whether we’re with a partner or not, feeling feminine awakens passion and vitality. It opens the door to creating intimate, connected relationships with the people we care about.

To enjoy good food, good wine, and good sex, we sometimes need to say:


Say goodbye to ways of doing things that worked well at one time, and no longer serves you today. Say goodbye to self-doubt and start trusting yourself. Say goodbye to putting yourself last, and settling for a life that doesn’t suit you, and sprinkle those things you’d love to do into your calendar. Say goodbye to stopping yourself from being self-expressed and fulfilling your dreams.

It’s time to experience more peace, joy, and self-compassion. Now is the time to break through to experiencing a passionate, more success-filled life.


Marilyn Suttle
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