Robin CohenGood News Moms… Your work as a mom has wholly prepared you to be an excellent network marketer… YOU’RE HIRED! Good News Moms… Your work as a mom has wholly prepared you to be an excellent network marketer… YOU’RE HIRED!

Motherhood has literally prepared you, given you the skills to be a top earner in Network Marketing. In fact, you are more qualified than most.

Have you been out of the workforce for years… do you feel unqualified, behind in the latest and greatest technologies, forget what it is like to work with a team, to set goals, to have a boss, to have employees or subordinates? I am the bearer of good news… these years in Motherhood have honed your skills not dulled them. Your tenacious years… day by day of taking care of and directing your babies to toddlers to young children… has given you a Masterful degree for this business.  NULL The big distinction is that you must believe this, you must see this, and you must think and know, with confidence, that your skills and life experience not only will make you a success but already has. So by the law of attraction, you will attract powerful, capable leaders because you are one. And conversely, if you think you will only be mom – then you will. It is your choice. So let’s imagine that you answered an ad for a position, a high paying position in Network Marketing. Here is how the ad reads that you answered: Nurturers Wanted

  • Patient (“Let me just do one more thing… not yet… soon… 5 more minutes”)
  • Does not take no personally, can handle rejection (“we have to go now”,” NO!” “We really have to go now or we will be late”, “NO, NO, NO”)
  • Teacher, Guide, Mentor (“please use your napkin not your pants!”)
  • Supportive (“Good boy, good girl”… 50 times a day)
  • Ability to recognize growth and acknowledge accomplishments (“Honey, you can put your own shirt on, you are a big boy… oh – no the shirt goes over your head not your legs.”)
  • Eager to make corrections to behavior and habits that are not productive or healthy (“how about if we get you a tissue instead of your little brother’s head!”)
  • Focus on redirection to move forward (“Let’s use the crayon to draw with not eat, right?”)
  • Prioritizing on making sure your kids feel good about themselves, and are building their self esteem even when they make mistakes – get boo boo’s or get embarrassed. (“Don’t kick the scooter honey. It is hard but we will try again. Let’s go put a band-aid on the boo boo. We’ll try some more later.”)
  • Mastering the art of communication to deliver the message even in the face of tenacious, stubborn negativity and name calling (“stupid, poopie head, I hate you, leave me alone, you are a mean mommy”)
  • Able to arrange appointments (playdates, playdates, playdates!)

References Not Necessary. (DUH! Ladies, you just need to see the amazing correlation. You have served your time in boot camp. Time to reap the benefits.) Previous Experience: Running a household. (What? That’s not like running a business. It is harder!) Compensation: Limitless Residual Income that will last your lifetime that can also be willed to your children and grandchildren. My name is Robin Cohen. I have been in Network Marketing for almost 2 decades and have been with one company, Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc for the last 14 years. I have had the opportunity to have some of greatest industry teachers coaching me… they include Richard Brooke, Randy Anderson, Carol McCall, Teresa Romaine, Hilton Johnson, Doug Firebaugh, Joe Rubino, Kathy Robbins and Paula Pritchard… among others. I read everything I can get my hands on, I listen to CD’s, I attend seminars and then I mix it all up and pass it on. My organization has grown year after year and created a significant residual income over these 14 years and the best is yet to come. I have just begun to ride the newest, biggest wave of growth yet. I am full of gratitude and joy for this industry and have an announcement to make to all of you moms… or people working with moms…


I have 2 little boys, Scottie who is 6 and Ethan who is 3. They are my greatest teachers. Having kids has gifted me with figuring out how to make it work, how to “succeed: without really knowing what I was doing (especially those early years with the first one!)

No previous experience.

I don’t know about you but when I left the hospital, they FORGOT TO GIVE ME THE MANUAL! How to be a mommy! You’d think they’d have gotten enough copies for the newest moms but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Maybe you think you can’t do this, maybe you have low self-esteem; you feel out of touch… I have something to share with you.

You can do it and furthermore you can attract people with similar interests and experiences and you can teach it!

That is the formula for making money in this industry. That’s it. Let’s get real though. First of all, you may want to put a little make-up on, get out of your sweats, and throw out the dirty tissues in your pockets… freshen up girls!

Feel good about how you look – it matters.

Other than that, you are a wealth of resources able to coach and teach and survive … TO THRIVE in this industry.

Golda Meir said, “To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don’t be”. I wish for you all that you decide to be on your journey… mommies!


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