Promoting yourself for success by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonHave you joined a wonderful direct marketing or network marketing opportunity and find you don’t know what to do with it? If you have started a business and can’t figure out how to make it grow, then you need to know how to promote yourself for success. Do you find yourself with a great idea and no where to go with it? Have you joined a wonderful direct marketing or network marketing opportunity and find you don’t know what to do with it?

If you have started a business and can’t figure out how to make it grow, then you need to know how to promote yourself for success.

We all know there are a lot of scams out there, so we have to always be aware. Also though there are a lot of incredible ideas, opportunities that can really take you to the highest success you have ever dreamed of. Have you found that opportunity? If you have you need to do whatever it takes to make this work for you. Life is fleeting so you have to make the most what you have NOW!  NULL Stop before you read on. Can you take a pledge that you are really serious about being successful in your life? Really serious? If so, read on. Victory is so close. It really is. To find the achievement of your ideal life you are going to have to promote yourself. Yes, you are going to have to let people know what you are doing so you can start getting the business you deserve. Also as you are promoting yourself you are going to start finding people who can and will help you.

Growing your business is not a solo effort even if you are a solo-preneur. It takes connections, ideas, and collaboration to make things happen.

So where do you start, you might ask. The key work is in that sentence… start! Too often people find an opportunity, get it, read all the material on it and then… and then… nothing. They fail to start. What happened? They never start because they are not sure how. Or it may be that they fear failure or success. This keeps them from ever taking the first step they need to take. So if you are not sure how or you are afraid, let’s eliminate that right now. Then we can work on the real meat of this, self promotion.

The first solution to getting starting is becoming clear on what you want out of this new opportunity.

Do you want to do this part time? Do you want to do it full time until a new job comes along? Or are you ready to make this a full time career? This seems like an easy question but I have had many of my coaching clients not even realize that they had not made that decision yet. That was the first place people sometimes get stuck.

The second thing that happens is that people are afraid if they fail they will look bad and people will lose respect for them.

The only failure is the failure to even start. If someone would lose respect for you because you are working on your dreams, does their opinion really matter anyway? And on the opposite side of that we have some people that are afraid of success. Most of that lies within the changes that will come about. Changes are good! Changes make incredible things come to life. A new view on that can be learned or coached to help that to be eliminated. So now we have gotten the preliminaries out of the way we can move on. The big question is what are you doing to promote yourself? This is your chance to finally create the successes you have always wanted. Please don’t stop believing this can happen for you. Promotion is like two fists of money. You can promote yourself by letting others know about you. Also you can promote yourself by being the champion of your business. Both factors are important. To promote yourself there are many things you can do. You can use positive self talk so that all things you say about yourself are inspiring, uplifting, and motivational. You can take care of your mind and body. This means learning new things all the time. Read books, listen to CD or tapes, go to classes, do whatever you can to improve who you are. Also take respect of your body. Feed it well and exercise for energy and health. Doing these two items mentioned above will help create high self esteem and that is a great way to promote yourself.

Promote who you are by being the best you can be.

That means always being the one to help. It means having high integrity. Also it means being a good listener rather than a good talker. The first type of promotion often comes with a hidden past that tries to halt that promotion. If you were raised not to talk about yourself that can make it hard to let people know what you do. It is then challenging to let others know how you are feeling about yourself and your business. You will have to work on getting past that. It is always easy but it is a necessary factor to accomplish self promotion. Get help if you need it but you have to be able to do this for your success.

The second part of promoting yourself for success is getting out there.

What does getting out there mean? Again it is a lot of things. Getting out there is doing things such as networking, doing speaking engagements, writing articles, going to conventions and trade shows. There are many, many ways to promote yourself and you have to figure out some of them you can do. The more ways you get out there and the more often you do go, the faster and stronger your business will grow. You can advertise, buy big ads, and get billboards or many other costly forms of promotion. That is okay. Yet if you are serious about really doing it this time, then you are going to have to do what it takes. You are going to have to learn to get very good at promoting yourself. Your ultimate success is clearly on you and the choices you make today!


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