It takes more than just Thinking Outside the Box by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonAre you a serialpreneur? You might want to consider it and build fun and successes for you! For so many years now we have been told to think outside the box. I think we got that. We have to think beyond just what is right in front of us. But really is that enough? No, not nearly enough! We have to think beyond the box to our limiting beliefs.

It is only in removing our limiting beliefs that we are going to find the successes that we so desire in life.

We are all brought up with certain ideas, feelings around things, and beliefs that we subconsciously take internally and make a part of who we are. We spend years being mad at the employee who is always late. We set low income goals because that is where we have been lead to believe our limits are. We have never tried something incredible new or different because our way of life has never gone beyond our traditions.  NULL Stop now and stop fast! Get out of your own way and examine who you are and what you believe and see if it is really serving you for what you want in life. Though there are many different beliefs that have stopped us, let’s focus on money because that is where so many of us have gotten stuck. What were you told as a child about money? This is one area where most people have limiting beliefs. See if you can finish these sentences… Money doesn’t grow __ _____. Money is the root of ___ ____. I am sure you got at least one of them and probably both. So what has that told you all your life? What have you believed because of it? I remember the first time I told my mom I was going to make over $30,000. She said I couldn’t because my dad had not even made over that at that time. Wow, okay then, and I didn’t take the job.

I allowed that to be a limiting belief for me for another ten years. DON’T do that to yourself.

I love this new term I am hearing going around. SerialPreneur! It encompasses so much of what I talk about in my coaching. It should be a fit for my business owners that are reading here now. What it tells us is that people have choices. What a great thing that is huh? (Eh, for my Canadian friends) We don’t have to have a job but we can create our own business. We don’t have to stick with doing only one thing. We can have a series of things that bring money, joy, and success into our lives. You have ‘heard’ me talk about the importance of multiple streams of income, just as so many of the millionaires out there have talked about too. Life is ever changing, and though I am a big fan of change, sometimes it catches you unexpectedly. So if you only have one way to make money; like a job, or just one business, there is a good chance you could get stuck at some time. You could even find yourself without.

That is not going to be true if you are always thinking about what else do I enjoy and what else could I be doing to make money with that joy and skill set that I have. That is thinking like a Serialpreneur.

They have two, three or more different businesses that they are connected with at all times. Sometimes it is just different ways to make money in their one business which is also a good idea. This way they don’t have to live with the fear of one going away. I do coaching as all of you know and I am VERY passionate about it. I love helping people succeed. But I also am the Managing Director for eWomenNetwork. In that capacity I am helping connect women business owners with other business owners. Again building their success. And most recently I am a Sales Director for The Compliments Card. Because this allows me to connect small business owners to their market; the people that are going to buy from them. Again bringing about success. So I believe that it is important to be a serialpreneur too.

How can each of the businesses (or parts of your one business) connect together with your other businesses to have fluidity and jointly create the passion that drives your life and your success?

I hope you will spend some time thinking about this and really decide how you can create the serialpreneur in your self to come out and build the fun and successes for you!


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