Taking The High Road by Michael Oliver

Michael OliverHow to turn a negative opinion into a fresh new look at what you have to offer. Everybody’s been there, and most of us wish we were finally done with that— listening to the negative opinions people have about network marketing and being a network marketer. Human nature being what it is, Natural Selling’s Michael Oliver, encourages us to take a fresh look at how to handle these naysayers with honest, open non-threatening questions that have them taking another look from a different, more open and understanding perspective. There are many ways to respond to a negative statement about you being an Independent Network Marketing Distributor to help you and the person who makes the remark to keep things in perspective.  NULL  The next time this happens, or someone challenges what you are doing, ask them this simple question…

“Let me ask you, would you make the same remark if I told you I had decided to become a part-time nurse?”

To which their answer will be “No” most times. You then go on to ask… “So why then are you judging me and my decision to start my own business?” The key here is to say it in a quiet way… coming from an internal place of peace and quiet and not being attached to the outcome— especially the outcome or the need to be right.

People are perfectly entitled to their opinions. You are perfectly entitled to find out why they think the way they do. In your response allow them to come to their own logical conclusion that their behavior is unacceptable.

Take the high road— stand tall and have the courage of your own decisions and the strength of standing firm on your convictions. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what people think. It’s what YOU think that’s important. Ironically, when someone says something like this, even if it is something that’s potentially offensive, it may be a great opportunity for you. Why? Because when someone makes such a statement, that’s one of the four ways a conversation can start. When someone makes a statement, they are expressing their opinion— and their own opinion carries weight because it’s coming from their ‘worldview’. Whether you agree with it or not doesn’t matter. It’s an opportunity for you to acknowledge the statement and to ask questions that will open up what’s behind it. You don’t have to agree with someone to listen to them to discover what they’re thinking and why they’re thinking that way. So, in this particular situation you have the opportunity to find out why the person feels the way they do. And, as a result, the conversation might well lead them to think again and take a fresh look at what you have to offer them.


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