New Beginnings by Josh Liteky

Josh LitekyNo hype, nothing sexy, just a vision of what we want and doing what we have to do day in and day out to make it happen. Welcome to a brand new year and a brand new chance to get the ball rolling on the resolutions and goals you have set for yourself! I always love new beginnings because it is a chance to let go of the past and start fresh. We can actually do this every day, but there is something special about a new year… it brings a new sense of inspiration and freshness that may have dwindled away by the end of the previous year. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, success or failure. We always have to march on, and what better way than a new year to begin a new or renewed march toward success we are seeking. We all have the habits of setting goals, especially for the New Year.  NULL

The two most common goals that people set are to lose weight and make more money. These are two significant goals indeed.

Goals are a funny thing, they are absolutely necessary to give us a concrete, measurable, and achievable target to work toward, yet at the same time can create a pattern of trial and disappointment if we continually don’t meet them. The fact is, what happens to most people who set goals at the beginning of the year? We have all heard the stats that the busiest month for gym memberships is January. What happens in February and March? Many people jump out of the gate running with their wonderful goals, saying to themselves: “this year I am going to make it… this is my year!” But most of us fall back into our old habits and don’t make much progress. I am not saying this to be cynical or downbeat, not at all, but facts are the facts.

My point is that the simple reality of the situation is that if we want to achieve something big in our lives, we really, really, really have to want badly, for whatever reason, to make it happen. In the end it comes down to our discipline.

Most of us want instant gratification, we want the magic pill to make us thin or rich, without having to take all the time and do all the work. If we find ourselves in a financial situation that seems pretty bleak, we have to see that it took us a while to get there. If we are overweight or unhealthy in some way, it took us a while to get there. It will take us a while to get to where we want to be. Letting go of the notion of instant gratification will save us lots of struggle and pain, and adopting an acceptance of our situation as it is then moving forward consistently day in and day out to make it happen is necessary. This is nothing profound obviously, just a reminder. I am just as guilty of wanting instant gratification as anyone else, but after getting punched in the face time and time again that it doesn’t work,

I have finally accepted the reality of the situation… long term success in anything requires long term focus on doing things the right way.

When this comes to money, this means saving more than we spend and investing wisely. When this comes to good health and ideal weight, this means eating nourishing foods in quantities that are satisfying and not overfilling, and exercising regularly… over a long period of time. It’s simple! The key is good old fashioned discipline. No hype, nothing sexy, just a vision of what we want and doing what we have to do day in and day out to make it happen.

So, in this New Year, how about we make a resolution to develop our discipline if we don’t have it already.

This is a very powerful habit to develop and will lend itself to your success over the long haul. Think in terms of a marathon instead of a sprint for your long term success. Embrace every moment as a new beginning, for that is what it is. Accept and love yourself and everything in your life just the way it is while moving toward your goals. I personally feel that 2008 is going to be a breakthrough year for a lot of people in our world, and sincerely hope you are one of them! Get clear on what you want and visualize it, attract it, work for it, make it happen, enjoy it, embrace it, and go ALL OUT EVERY MOMENT like you have it all already! Happy New Year and Enjoy your LIFE, because if you don’t, who will?


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Josh Liteky
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