God is a Salesman by TNMM Editor

The first question readers will ask when opening GOD IS A SALESMAN is “what has God got to do with sales?” Once you open a book by Mark Stevens you will never think about business the same way again.

“The best sales people are invisible. They never look like they are selling anything.” Mark Stevens in GOD IS A SALESMAN
Bestselling Author and Unconventional Business Guru Mark Stevens rewrites the rules of great salesmanship and customer loyalty in his new book, GOD IS A SALESMAN. Reader Beware: Once you open a book by Mark Stevens you will never think about business the same way again. In his last two bestsellers, Your Marketing Sucks and Your Management Sucks, Stevens revealed that practically everything people believe about marketing and managing is wrong. In his new book, GOD IS A SALESMAN (Center Street, January 2008) he takes on sales and customer loyalty, proving once again that it’s essential to turn conventional wisdom upside-down in order to succeed.  NULL The first question readers will ask when opening GOD IS A SALESMAN is “what has God got to do with sales?” According to Stevens, “God is a salesman, because He is an influencer, an educator, and a force that enables us to bridge the gap between what we see and what well may be a greater truth.” And that is the role that all first-class salespeople should embrace. They must quietly and invisibly demonstrate why customers should believe in them, and in turn buy from them. God Treats Us All As Family Stevens’ philosophy begins with the recognition that God treats everyone as family. “Think of how important and powerful this is,” he writes. “The wise salespeople will learn from The Master and relate to customers and prospects as virtual family members as opposed to strangers, targets, or marks to be sold.” This is not only the basis for being a great salesperson, but the pillar for creating a great company as well. Building a business around members of the family, instead of the standard transactional view of serving customers, creates lifelong loyalty. People Buy Trust Before They Buy Products According to Stevens, just as people trust in God, they need to trust the men and women they buy from. And that means being a salesperson who is willing to give of himself or herself, not just a person who shows up to make a transaction. Stevens says, “If customers and prospects are sold on you, everything else will follow. If they trust you, they will buy from you. If they don’t, you will walk away empty handed, no matter how cool or elegant your product may be.” It’s Not The Product That Sells, It’s The Provider It’s often difficult to distinguish the products one person is selling from a competitor’s, whether it’s corn, copiers, cars or accounting services. “With so many offerings to select from, customers want and expect an extra dimension, and in every case that should be YOU, the salesperson,” Stevens says. People have faith in their religions because they have faith in God. In other words, they believe in the product because they trust the provider. God Makes Guarantees “The scriptures advise that we can have absolute faith in God and that He will return that faith with a bulletproof assurance that His force will be with us,” writes Stevens. But most salespeople are afraid to make absolute guarantees. This is a mistake. “When you sell, you must be unequivocal about what that product or service will deliver. You must assure clients that you will always be there to serve their needs, address problems, and handle emergencies,” he insists. This is what all great salespeople do. Throughout GOD IS A SALESMAN, Stevens weaves anecdotes about his own experiences, giving specific advice that readers can implement immediately. He explains why great salesmen are expert story-tellers; why most sales presentations fail; and why trying to win sales by underbidding the competition is a loser’s game. In GOD IS A SALESMAN, Stevens exhorts people to find a way “to stand for something, to make a statement, to be perceived as a mind and a voice that brings wisdom as opposed to products and services.” His goal is to help people rise above the standards of traditional selling to create an experience that benefits both the seller and the buyer. GOD IS A SALESMAN Learn From The Master By Mark Stevens


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