From the Coalmines to the Gold Mines by Karl Bessey

Karl BesseyToday a company Founder, Karl Bessey’s story exemplifies Desire, Determination and Drive! At the end of each year I like to take a few moments to reflect on where I have been, so I know exactly where I am going next year and to give thanks for all I have. My back ground prior to getting involved in Network marketing was 22 years as an under ground coal miner here in Central Utah. It was a great job as far as pay, insurance and benefits. I was able to raise 3 great children and lived a pretty good life. We took vacations each year, had nice automobiles and a nice home. We were living the typical American dream. At least that was what it looked like from the outside. I worked a lot of over time to stay current on the bills that kept coming each and every month. That meant being away from my family as my children were growing up. NULL

I always had that dreamer’s disease. I would lie in bed at night and visualize being my own boss, running my own business and traveling the world visiting exotic locations.

Being Debt free and not worrying about money and paying the bills. But how could a coalminer, a high school graduate, break away from the dark confines of the coal mine and hit it big? No education, no money. All I had going for me were the 3 D’s as I call them.

“Desire, Determination and Drive.”

I got my first taste of networking with a pre paid phone card MLM Company about 10 years ago. With the assistance of a few leaders we built a down line of 10,000 in six months. WOW! Talk about having fun. I was now counting the days till I could quit the mines and do this full time; then came the news that the company had been shut down by the attorney generals office. I chalked this up as a great learning experience. I then got involved in the Herbal Supplement business. These were incredible products but I lacked the passion and excitement it takes to really be successful. In April of 1999 I responded to an email about a business opportunity. I was invited to a conference call which described the products and the compensation plan.

I loved the concept but I would need $1500 to start my business. This is where the first “D” or “DESIRE” kicked in.

I was broke living paycheck to paycheck and did not know if I could even borrow the money as I was so tapped out financially. But $1500 was not going to keep me from living my dreams. I found a way and borrowed the money to get started. I worked my business part time. I also began talking to those I had worked with before in my prior business and the reception I got was just above freezing at best. My friends, prior business associates and family shot me right out of the saddle. They thought I had completely lost my mind.

This is where the second “D” came in. The “D” of “Determination”. I used the negative responses to fuel my determination.

I would do what ever it takes to be successful. I refused to let other people’s opinions determine my level of success. I was able to fire my boss in 2 1/2 months working my business part time. I was scared to death now as I knew that it was all up to me. If I were to get paid, it would be from my efforts only. I struggled like a fish out of the water over the next 5 months. I was barley able to pay my bills. I would have to decide on several occasions whether I should pay the mortgage or buy more leads. It was an easy choice as I knew that if I was out of leads I would soon be out of business. I was losing sleep at night wondering if those close to me were right. Had I made the right decision quitting my job? Was I ever going to be a top producer and be rolling in the “Big Bucks”? Was I really cut out for this business? This is where the third and final “D” came into play. “DRIVE”. I had promised myself early on that I had the “Drive” to put in long hours each day and if that required 7 days a week then so be it.

I was a driven marketer that had to make up for my lack of talent with plenty of “Drive” to keep me in the game.

I attended my first Level Two event in December of 1999 and in January of 2000 I had my first five figure month. In the months and years that follow I would enjoy multiple five figure months, weeks and even multiple five figure afternoons. By applying the “Three D’s” consistently in my business I was now a top producer and award winning marketer. As I began attending different conferences with this company I began to visualize what it would be like to not just take the stage to receive awards, but how it might be to have my own company and be presenting the awards to top producers. Well here it is December of 2007 and my Dream is a reality. Today I am the President and Co-Founder of Wealth Masters International. We incorporated WMI in January of 2005 and just came back from our 5th m2 Wealth Conference held on Marco Island FL. The “3 D’s” have paid off for me and they can pay off for anyone that applies them in their life regardless of your goals and dreams. Desire: It would have been easier for me to continue working in the coalmines and remain in my comfort zone. That is what all my buddies did. Pretty much everyone in my circle of influence had a job. But remember, I was a dreamer and I was ready to make a change in my life. I had that “Burning White Hot DESIRE” running wild in my veins and the only way to quench the craving was to make a change and I did. Determination: Even though the people around me were hell bent on stealing my dreams, I used this to fuel my Determination. My motto was that “Failure is not an option and I will succeed regardless of what other people think.”

If you are bound and determined to succeed you simply cannot fail.

Drive: Drive is backing up your dreams and desires with Action. We can all talk about success but are we willing to do what ever it takes with our actions? This is a crucial key to success. When we are tired and ready to call it a day, drive means being inspired to put in a little extra. A few extra phone calls. Maybe attending one more training call. Ending the day with a great book. Making up for a lack of talent with work ethic and Drive. By applying the “3 D’s… Desire, Determination and Drive” consistently in your life, you will be impressed as you look back on your life and see the incredible transformation for yourself. We all are blessed with greatness and talents. Capitalize on them with the 3 D’s to live your life to its fullest. Respectfully, Karl Bessey


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