3 Attributes in Thinking Outside the Box by George Madiou

George-MadiouApproaching your business in an unconventional way may give you a leg up to success in your business.  I’m privileged every day to interact with some highly successful distributors and business people. I also interact with people who struggle in their business, year in and year out. The funny thing I have noticed is that, as Napoleon Hill has stated, there is often a razors edge difference between these two groups. Here are the three things that I observe… First of all the successful group always expresses and works on a

Can do attitude

These individuals are never bogged down with the thought of not succeeding in their business, the project at hand or life. As a result of not being disrupted with a negative outlook, they are hyper sensitive to what’s going on around them and what can be used to further the project at hand or an over all strategy to implement in their business or their life. They don’t doubt they can accomplish the task at hand. NULL The less successful people I come in contact with (especially the ones who have a track record of not succeeding) always see the negative side of what could go wrong. These people are disrupted by their own thought patterns. What they think comes about in such a negative pattern that they are throwing obstacles to success in their way.

The difference is that razors edge of mentally believing they can do or worrying that they can’t do.

The second thing that I observe between these two groups is that the successful group is…

Always reading and searching

The successful group is always growing. The easiest way is they use those little units of time we all have and fill them with brain food. They are always reading and they always are searching for that razors edge in other people’s lives. They are a perpetual student. They realize that they can adapt successful strategies learned from other people’s successes. This includes people outside of their company and even outside of their industry. They have a keen eye to adapt key strategies from what they read and search for. Unsuccessful people feel as though they don’t have time to read and observe. They are often running in circles, working hard and not getting anywhere. They are stuck in their box. The third thing that sets these two groups apart is they are …

Identifying what is going on around them and applying the best of what they find to what they are doing.

Successful people always have their eye out for success. They are not ashamed to steal a good idea for themselves. They have a keen sense of what would work for their business and they are able to apply new ideas, especially if that idea is not being done by others in their business. The unsuccessful person is afraid to try anything new and avoids “rocking the boat” by applying foreign ideas to their business. The successful person thrives on thinking outside the box. When you look at the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful you can see as Napoleon Hill states, it’s only a razors edge difference. The difference is the 6 inch difference. It’s the difference that lies between your two ears! Think outside of the box and succeed! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder www.TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com george@TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com


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George Madiou
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