Controlling the Chaos by Carrie Wilkerson

Carrie WilkersonManaging mayhem little by little… how can you stretch YOU any further? I’m in the midst of some serious chaos here! We are in the middle of a major remodeling project, have several business projects in the works, have 3 kids going different directions and juggling all of this with only 7 weeks left (we hope) in this pregnancy! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and emotional about the havoc (thanks in part to my hormone levels, ha!)… but I am learning to breathe deeply, laugh a lot and manage the tiny things that seem to help. FOR INSTANCE… my back door is our main entry and exit. You can imagine the shoes, backpacks, diaper bags, lunch totes, sweaters and odds and ends that gather there… it’s always PILES! I’m as guilty as the kids because I hate to wear shoes… (hence my moniker, the Barefoot Executive) so I kick them off and drop my purse as soon as I’m in the door.  NULL Well, every time I walk in, instead of feeling calmer because I’m home… I cringe at the mess! So, after being in this house almost a year and hating that pile… I went to Home Depot and found a simple little double shelf (some assembly requiredpoor husband, for $12! Let me just tell you – my entry now has shoes in the shelves and backpacks on the top ledge… hooks above it for sweaters/umbrellas and I’m a HAPPY GIRL! Now, when I walk thru that door, the floor is clear and it makes me SMILE! I gave up on nagging the entire family to haul all of their stuff to their rooms every time… it just wasn’t going to happen. So, instead –

I worked within the circumstance and came up with a solution to calm me. WHEW!

After that revelation, I have since: * Hung a corkboard to tack up school notices, church reminders, sports schedules, etc (my fridge looks so much nicer) * Hung a write on/wipe off wall calendar to keep track of appointments, events, rehearsals, games and more * Installed a mesh bath toy drainer/organizer to get the baby bath toys off of the tub floor * Put hanging shoe bags on each of the kids’ doors for shoes, ball caps and even tiny toys And this is just a beginning… next, I’m hoping to tackle the pantry, the laundry room and the medicine cabinets! I was overwhelmed with handling it all at one time, so I just did one tiny step every week to ten days. I haven’t done anything expensive or very time-consuming, but I do keep the next “solution” on my to-do list until it gets completed! I cannot explain to you how much this has cleared my brain!! (And honestly, the kids and hubby like the results too – not only less clutter and more calm, but a happier momma!) Hubby knows, Happy Wife = Happy Life!

I’ve begun transferring this into my business too! Taking some of the “little things” that nag at me and take up valuable brain space and finding small solutions that make me smile and clear my head!

Think of water washing over rocks in a river bed… this may not seem like a big deal on a day-to-day basis… but over time, the water “irritates” the rocks to the point that it erodes their surface and alters them forever! The same is true with the things we put up with day-to-day! Think with me about the little things that are “eroding” your time, your clarity or your positive mental attitude!

  • What can you delegate so that it’s not nagging at you? Your kids, your spouse, even your parents have skills – let them use them!
  • What tiny organizational things will help clear physical and mental clutter?
  • What kind of lists and/or schedules are you not keeping?
  • Should you hire virtual office help to streamline your systems?
  • Should you hire some domestic help to reward your hard work and make your home calmer and more inviting?

You CAN and SHOULD duplicate yourself if you’re working a part or full-time business at home! It makes sense! It’s necessary for growth!

We cannot be as effective as we’re meant to be if we are being “pecked at” by little birds of negativity, inside or out! What steps can you take THIS WEEK to control the chaos in one area of your life?


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