Duplication Strategies that Work by Terri Levine

Terri LevineWomen… no one wants to duplicate stress, so keep it simple!  Women are used to doing things alone and taking on the “superwoman” belief. They try to do it all alone and often get tired and stressed and feel overwhelmed. Many women who I coach in the field of network marketing report they have trouble building their teams and while they understand how important it is to duplicate themselves they aren’t successful. You can not be successful in having others join your business when others see you working a lot, being tired and stressed. Other women will naturally want to turn the other way. What woman wants more on her plate especially if it will add more stress and overwhelm?

Before you can duplicate yourself you need your own simple, easy, effective system of drawing in thousands of hot prospects.

 NULL My findings in this industry are very few people really know how to do this and instead they are bugging their friends and family to become customers or distributors. After awhile their families and friends don’t even want them at the family picnics! When you learn to market using a simple website concept that very specifically calls directly to who buys your product or service and positions YOU as the credible expert – not the company you represent, then you can quickly and easily drive thousands of prospects to your one page website using pay per click ads. For example, if I was selling weight loss supplements I would think about who might buy my products. I might decide on women who are overweight and in a program like Weight Watchers, and women who work out, and women who just gave birth and women in menopause.

Then I would create a simple report or power point or audio report geared just for this population. My next action is to create a simple ad that will for sure reach my target audience.

The ad might say, “Gaining weight during menopause? Want to drop those pounds fast? Go to www.loseweight.com right now and grab your free report.” Or: “Working out and still overweight? Get your free report and lose 5 pounds in 6 days! Go to this website. Then all you do is ‘pay per click’ each ad. A sample report and sample website for this technique is at www.businesscoachingreport.com. Go there, look at the simple site and download the report to see the format of a report. When you begin to get customers with ease that are HOT prospects who are exactly targeted and want what you have they will buy your product or service and then because they see how easy it is to do this system they will consider being a distributor and pretty soon you are duplicating yourself each day with ease.


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