You can’t cross the sea by standing and staring at the water by Johnna Parr

Johnna ParrFour simple things to do to take your business to the top! You can’t cross the sea by standing and staring at the water… I read a story about someone who never bought property when they played Monopoly. He kept going around the board, collecting the paycheck for passing go, going round and round on the board. What is the logic in this you ask? Well, even though they could never win playing this way, they got to play longer. Some of you are hanging out on the sidelines, saying you have your own business, yet, you aren’t in the game.

You have got to participate in order to win!

The timing of the Direct Selling/ Network Marketing industry has never been better. It has been written about in main stream media publication and books, and Robert Kiyosaki has said it truly is, “The Perfect Business.”  NULL How many of you own your own business?? I am amazed that when I ask that question to Independent Distributors/ Marketing Directors, many don’t raise their hand. If you are a distributor for a Direct Selling Company, you own a business. I realized many years ago that if I was employed by someone other than myself, I was building someone else’s dream.

Freedom and Liberty consists of the ability to choose.

One of the greatest benefits of living in a free society is that have the right to make our own important decisions. We can build our own business, or we can use our labors to make somebody else rich. We get to decide. Do yourself a favor, work harder in your business, work harder for YOU than you do for your boss, if you consistently do this, you will no longer need a boss. If you WANT a boss, great, and if you love your job, terrific, but, you will no longer NEED that BOSS or that paycheck. It could easily become bonus bucks. I believe it is time for all of us to become builders, encouragers, believers, doers, achievers… and we are all joined together with the common purpose of Freedom, an abundance of time coupled with an abundance of money. So, do you want to take your business to the top??

I believe that you will not improve your future without disturbing your present.

I believe you have to do 4 simple things. Remove Distractions This may mean putting aside golf, bowling, fishing or something you enjoy doing, for a brief amount of time. I understand, those things are fun to do, but, if you remove those distractions now, in the future, you will be able to decide when, where and how often you are able to do them. When Matt and I married, he saw how long it took me to clean the house. I couldn’t make a dime cleaning the house, if I spent that same amount of time on the phone building and working in our business, the check that week would more than pay for a maid. Hire a neighborhood kid to mow your lawn or shovel the driveway. Spend that time building your fortune. The one thing that all of us have to deal with is the draw that everyday life has on us.

We realized, early on, that if we kept our business in the low priority position, it would NEVER be successful… if we treated it like a hobby, it would pay like one.

Some things had to go, for a little while, while we focused on building our business and taking it to the top. We have a sign in our home office that says, “FREEDOM, some sacrifice required.” Because of those sacrifices we made along the way today, we have all of the time to enjoy all of the things we wish to do, and we have the money to do them. Remember WHY you are building the business Don’t get caught up in the negatives, focus on what you want in your life, and claim it every day. I read a mission statement in the morning and in the evening, design and describe your life and the things you want as if they are already present for you. Your WHY is what keeps you going when the going gets tough, it is your emotional juice, it is your drive. Keep your eyes on the prize.

There are 3 stages to achievement, the dream, the struggle, and the prize.

So many want to go from the dream, straight to the prize, it doesn’t work that way. Think of an Olympic athlete, there has never been a Gold Medalist who simply dreamt of Gold and showed up at the award ceremony and stepped up on the podium to claim their prize. During all of the hours at the gym, all they focus on is the prize, the Gold, not the work. It works for us the same way. Focus on your prize and visualize what your life will be like when you achieve your goals. Resist Discouragement The biggest killer of dreams is discouragement. One thing that winners have in common is HOW they handle discouragement. Most think that those of us that are successful have fewer problems or fewer challenges than you have. The fact is, we have had more, we have had more people tell us “no” than you have. We just kept moving toward our prize, nothing will ignite your fire more than a brand new business partner that has desire, work ethic and big dream.

The only difference between where you are today and where you want to be in the future is the books you read, the CDs you listen to and the people you associate with.

Are you currently reading a book that will help you add value to the lives of others? Your team is looking to you for inspiration and encouragement… you can not give what you don’t have… if your well is dry, how can you possibly quench the thirst of your team. Readers are Leaders and Leaders are Readers. Are you listening to educational and informative audios, and taking in the knowledge of those that have gone before you, who better to learn from than those who have achieved what you want to achieve?? Who are you associating with? There are only two people in this world, dream believers or dream stealers. I made a conscience decision to listen to the dream believers, those that were there cheering us on and believing in us… who are you listening to?? You have to discipline your disappointments, and keep going… the rewards at the top are too great to let a few stubbed toes stop you from your dreams. Rely upon the System You must ask yourself, “Is what I am doing easy to follow?” It is amazing to see how many stray from the proven path, the success formula, into the ditch of failure.

Duplication equals residual income.

Without duplication, there isn’t any residual income. There is no success without successors. If you become System Reliant… in your absence the show will go on… but ONLY if you completely rely on the entire System and you teach your team to do the same thing. In Closing… the greatest accomplishments in history have started from that God given urge… that dream to achieve… you can be GREAT! You have unlimited opportunities before you. Your horizons are already stretching as far as you will allow yourself to dream… so dream BIG. God gave us this gift of life… what we do with it is our gift to God. Johnna Parr


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