Greatest Business Growth – Duplicating Yourself by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonThe greatest compliment is when someone imitates you or wants to be like you… especially when it increases the bottom line!  The greatest compliment is when someone imitates you or wants to be like you.

The greatest growth in business is when you are doing things right and then you duplicate yourself.

This can be true whether you are in network marketing, a corporate environment or an entrepreneur. As women we have this belief that we can do everything. We think that if we want things done right we have to do it ourselves. While that may serve us for a very short time that is not going to allow for our businesses to grow. There are only so many hours in a day and when we are trying to do everything that means we can’t be good at anything nor do we get anytime for ourselves and our families. That is not why we got into our businesses. NULL First part of duplicating yourself is to become a mentor. This is such a great gift that you can give someone else. We all have something we are really good at doing. We can work with numbers well, or we are organized, or we are good at writing, or marketing, or public relations, or so many other things.

We need to take that gift we have been given and share it with others.

When we do that we not only help encourage, inspire and teach another person to do what we are good at, we give a gift they can use to help build their successes. This also allows us to get even better at what we do. This type of blessing will come back to you more than ten fold. That is a guarantee. We also need to closely look at what has made us successful. If possible it is best if we can take these thoughts, ideas, and skills and get them put on paper.

When you guide someone step by step on how to do something, you will be able to train and duplicate yourself over and over again.

So this not only becomes a way that you can train others to help you in growing your business, it also can become another source of income. If you take these skill sets that you have and that you have now put on paper and then create a CD, a teleclass, a workshop, a workbook, or even an ebook or paperback book then this gives you another source of income. And the good thing about this type of income is that it is repeatable. You do not have to recreate it over and over again. Once the product is created it is simply a matter of physically duplicating it and then you have income coming in even when you are sleeping or not working at all. This is a wonderful way to help others and gives you another stream of income for your business. Another way of thinking about duplicating yourself is to think about what you could do if you could not do your business any longer but you still wanted it to run. What would you have to do to make that happen? This will put you in a mind frame of really taking a look at all the things that have made you successful. It will make you look at putting someone in place that can start to do all the things you do. Help them to truly recreate yourself in a way that will not only allow for your work to be duplicated but this will allow new ideas to be added to all the things you do to create even more success. So often in a corporate environment there is a fear of teaching someone everything you know because you are afraid they will do better than you and maybe even take your job.

But in networking and entrepreneurship when you teach someone you work with or that is in your downline to do all the great things you are doing, all you do is create more success.

How exciting is that? It also allows you to be able to not have to work all the hours that you may have when you first started your business. It gives you more time to be creative, go on vacation, learn new things, or whatever is important to you. So when thinking about duplicating yourself, it should be with joy and expectation of growth that you do this. It is a way to help someone learn. It is a way to make more money through products that sell even when you aren’t. And it is a way to create the help you need that will grow your business and/or give you more time off. Duplication is not just a good idea, it needs to be an absolute in your business. So I say to all, but especially the women, “you don’t have to do it all, you don’t have to do it alone, and you don’t have to settle for less than all you have dreamed about and deserve.

Go for it! Create duplication in your business for the success of your life!”



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