Know your target market by Jackie Lee

Jackie LeeWhen you ARE your target market it makes it much easier to sell yourself!  It occurred to me that my perspective may be very valuable to a whole market of people. You guessed it moms. I started writing more articles about my life as a WAHM, (Work at Home Mom), the difficulties and the celebrations, and my blog moved from Internet Marketing Tips and Tricks to Internet Marketing for Mommies.

What really happened though was my blog moved from being a marketing tool, to being a piece of me I shared with the world.

Marketing my blog has become so much easier, as I have a very clear targeted market. Having this very clear and rather niche market allows me to easily identify ways/places I can get them my message, plus they’re places I like to hang out anyway. So now things that felt like time wasters have actually become valuable marketing time. NULL It also allows me to stand in my authentic self. My blog comes across as much more authentic and real, because I don’t feel like I’m hiding or lying through omission so much of what goes on in my life. It also allows me to provide a whole other level of support to work at home moms. I realize not everyone wants to BE their target market, but here’s what I’ve found. It’s easier to tell stories that will resonate with my market. It’s easier to relate to them, because I’m one of them. It’s easier to answer questions, because I’ve been there. It’s easier to have empathy for what they are going through because I’ve probably dealt with it too.

If you are having trouble connecting with your market, try thinking how you can bring more of you into your marketing. When it comes down to it, people don’t really buy your products, they buy you.

They buy getting to know you, and being around you and being part of what you are a part of. When you are your target market it makes it much easier to sell yourself.


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Jackie Lee
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