Women influencing network marketing by Rosalina Hom

Rosalina HomWomen influencing network marketing A sure way to have a fine lifestyle comes as a result of our efforts in sharing, competing with no one at all, marketing at our own pace, and the best part of all, doing all the net work from home. Have you heard a woman being asked the infamous question…”Do you work”? and she will respond, “No, I’m a stay-home-Mom”… as if she didn’t work with the kids, the pets, the house, the social calendar, etc. This answer has been changing especially since we have discovered this great kept secret: direct selling which translates into getting paid for our recommendations of a specific service or a product. Direct selling is based on a simple concept which advertising executives have used for decades. Nothing sells a product or a service more than word of mouth. This concept is applicable to everything. How many times have you gone to a restaurant, liked it, and then told a friend to go there? This sharing of experiences, good or not so good is what women do all the time. Now, once we find the product or service we really love, we can market it by sharing it with everyone we love and care about… and get paid for doing so.  NULL

While network marketing is the ultimate equal opportunity solution, women are a phenomenal influence in direct sales because of our nurturing and our passion in what we believe to be great.

Seth Godin says, “What’s relevant is offering a special element that people can get nowhere else. Great sellers offer something of real value – not the price, but the way the transaction makes the person feel.” The special element Godin talks about is the essence of direct selling: people wish for a proven way to secure a better lifestyle and ultimately be able to contribute to mankind. This sure way to have a fine lifestyle comes as a result of our efforts in sharing, competing with no one at all, marketing at our own pace, and the best part of all, doing all the net-work from home. We can take care of the kids, the pets, the house, the social calendar, etc. and earn money… as much or as little as we want. Being home with our families and making money from home is an ideal situation. This network marketing retires the word “sacrifice” as we used to know it. We can go to school and continue a part time NM business, or we can stay home and single and be financially solvent.

The possibilities are endless when we leverage our time and women appreciate this the most because we are multi-tasked oriented… tall orders!

My husband and I had retired from the New York City Board of Education. Edward had been a high school principal for many years and in 1990 he accepted a buy-out offered only to senior principals. I followed suit vesting my teaching career and together we moved to West Palm Beach, FL with our youngest son. We home schooled young D.J. and we had the opportunity to travel all over the world for seven years. While we had a great life, our financial resources were still limited to a pension and savings. It was my good fortune in 2003 at the local Chiropractor’s office where we met the person that would introduce me to network marketing, Brooke Peterson. I fought her for approximately eight months stating, “I cannot sell things to my friends… I just cannot do that.” I had no clue what I was in for. Soon thereafter, I enrolled my husband so he could have his own products and much to my surprise and for no apparent reason, I received a $22 check. I thought it was a mistake and I called Brooke, my enroller. Even after I received this check, I was not comfortable “selling” to my friends. Instead, I began to invite my friends to home parties to share the goodness of my products. In five months I became National Director and the rest is history. I have not stopped talking to people known or unknown to me. I lead my business with the product because teaching is my vocation and teaching/coaching health and nutrition with the finest products on the planet has become my passion. The change in gear came from the “selling” mindset to the “sharing” mindset.

Women share their love, their passion, their time, their tips and their stories.

Network marketing is all about sharing and matching a service or product with the person that is looking for it. In Network Marketing, we get paid handsomely for doing just that… call it ‘matchmaking’ if you will! As I have continued to learn the business of networking from Masters like Anthony Robbins and Matthew Ferry, I have taken my networking to another level, that of contribution. In contributing I have come to feel very grateful for the opportunity to do so. Acting from gratitude has inspired me to heights I had not flown before. Since I discovered NM, I have enjoyed making money especially as it happens while I am traveling, simply having a party or sleeping. I like this! I have discovered many leaders in my organization and many lives have changed as a result of my sharing this phenomenal way of doing business. I am looking forward to servicing the Spanish community with seven bilingual/Spanish leaders in my group. We understand the need to establish rapport with our Spanish speaking community especially when it comes to making serious changes in their lives like modifying food choices and the way we do business. Eighty five percent of my organization is female and I see those numbers growing every single day.

Women have so much to contribute: genuine nurturing skills, intuitive administration skills, colorful speech and energetic driving capability to do our work with minimal supplies like office, pencils, etc. More importantly, women have mouths that roar… and that’s just the edge.



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