Women and Network Marketing by Esti Allina-Turnauer

Esti Allina-TurnauerNetwork marketing gives us the platform to be the women we fully are.

Just to be clear – women don’t influence network marketing – women ARE network marketing.

It’s easy to see why this is so when we look at the nature of network marketing: teaching, training, leading, mentoring, nurturing, rewarding. These are the very qualities typically attributed to women. These are the qualities each woman contributes to her home and family, workplace, and community.  NULL  “Women are born networkers and relationship-builders”, says Jody (a guy), developer of The Freedom Project. Network marketing, he says, speaks to the core values: spirituality, empowerment, love, and freedom (S.E.L.F.) “The challenge for us men,” he continues, “is to inspire the women to become more than they think they can be.” Ultimately women expand their boundaries through working in network marketing – and network marketing has grown as a result of women meeting the challenge and dissipating their personal boundaries to achievement. Jody also points out that women, generally speaking, seek a cooperative atmosphere rather than the cutthroat competition typical of some conventional career environments. We women seek human contact, communication, warmth. We thrive in settings where we can give support to others, share ourselves and improve another’s condition. We want to touch you and leave you inspired. But let’s not forget that women are ruthless multi-taskers, goal-achievers, managers, and have a tremendous need for full self-expression. Network marketing gives us the platform to be the women we fully are. It seems then, that network marketing was made for us. Though without us, network marketing would not have become the driving force in distribution of goods and services it is today. When I look just at the Israeli market and the plethora of network marketing companies now in operation here compared to less than ten years ago, it’s mind boggling. And, just as elsewhere, the great majority of networkers – 80% by rough estimates – are women. The need is universal and new network marketing companies enter the marketplace with a distribution need that they know can be met, mostly, if not primarily, by women. That’s not to say that a saturation point can’t be reached – particularly in the small market of Israel. Seamless global sponsoring and the internet are, and will be even more so in the future, essential to keeping the Israeli network marketing systems dynamic. But that’s a topic for another article.

In essence, women and network marketing have a symbiotic relationship. It’s hard to imagine where one would be without the other.



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