Determination, Duration and Dawn by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonToday’s network marketers are more determined, ready to give their business the time required so see the dawn of success There is a new trend I am seeing. Is it because I have chosen to do as ‘The Secret’ says and change my intentions to only see the good in people? Or is it simply that people have changed?

Either way it is just a wonderful thing to see people are being more determined, having longer staying decision (increasing their duration of time in business) and they are welcoming the dawn with joy, passion and peace.

That is a beautiful world. I have been in networking marketing since 1978 after different times in my life. I have seen so many people start and just as quickly quit. Especially back then. It didn’t give you much hope or belief in what network marketing could do for you. People weren’t ready to face the fact that it takes some hard work. It takes going above and beyond what you might have done in other jobs or situations. NULL But I think people are getting it now. They know there are challenges and they are joining in the businesses anyway. They have such a determination to make a better life for themselves than ever before. So they set those goals, and blow past the obstacles and keep a determined focus on what they want.

Duration has become so much more normal.

People don’t start for a week or just a month and then give up. They know that just like in “real” life where you want something that you have to work a long time. They accept the fact that network marketing is not about the get rich quick schemes. There is a strong, hopeful, assuredness that surrounds people’s beliefs now. Time is not a factor because they know in the long run that it will happen.

That brings us to the Dawn. Dawn seems so much like dreams coming alive.

When you think of a new day and the beauty of the rising sun, the cool breeze blowing, the smell of newness, you know that there is good coming up. You know that there are possibilities and joyful expectations that will greet you and allow for wonderful things to come about in your life and business. Dawn is also the peace and joy of all possibilities. You know that all you want in your life and business can come true. Having it all is not just for a certain select few like it used to be.

Everybody has different dreams and the happiness you want can be yours just by finding that which is important to you and working your business towards that happiness.

Three simple things; determination, duration, and dawn. Let’s not make it any harder than it needs to be. Use your determination to make things happen no matter what you need to do. Stick with it long term because that duration will make all the difference in the world. And look for the dawns of your life where everyday is a success as you reach for other successes!


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