Commitment to Your Business by George Madiou

George-MadiouThe difference between a non-profit hobby and a successful business… KNOW YOUR “WHY” and COMMIT So many people have wants and desires in their life, and never seem to achieve them. They look beyond their job and think a business of their own is the answer. They get introduced to network marketing and may even try a couple of companies. They may even fall in love with the concept of being in business with the network marketing system, but year after year they never seem to achieve the success that they see others enjoying. Why is that? What is missing between the successful and the want to be successful?

Two of the fundamental keys to success are knowing your “why” and commitment to achieving it.

What is commitment and what does it mean to your success? Understanding your motivation will help you define the meaning of success for you.  NULL That motivation, is often referred to as your “why” or why would I do something, no matter what. It might be that, no matter what, you will move out of the ghetto into an area that is safe for your family. It could be that you will get your degree because you see that as a means to break a cycle of dead end jobs you have had all of your life. It might be your first child is ready to be born and you want to give that child the life you never had. Everyone’s “why is different. You must determine your own “why.”

The first key to successful commitment is to commit to knowing your “why”.

Most people spend more time planning the family summer vacation than examining what the “why” in their life is. STOP! If you haven’t determined this stop reading and go do it. This is an in depth examination of YOU and it should take some time to get a good handle on what your “why” is. Focus on this project for at least the next 21 days, and a few times per day. At the end of the 21 days you will have a start of what will make you blast through a brick wall to accomplish your “why”.

Now for your commitment!

How you reach your “why” becomes easier now that you know what it is. It’s hard to commit to anything if you’re not sure what the purpose is. If a network marketing business will bring you closer to reaching your “why”, now full commitment will automatically be ingrained in you to reach your target. It will become effortless and you will seek out all of the mentors, systems, time and effort to turn the commitment to your business into the successful vehicle to attain the “why” that moves you.

Commitment becomes the fuel to your success!

The clear concentration of what you want opens the door to an unhampered commitment to the effort you are putting into the activity that will bring you to success. When you are clear on what it is you are going after, it becomes easier to see the people who can help you get there. It is easier to see the activities that both help and hinder your progress. The clearer you are the more committed you become to make it happen, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Aim high! George Madiou


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George Madiou
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