The ‘IT’ Factor – Giving and Accepting by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonIt is in the giving and the accepting of help with your team that makes all the difference you could ever want. You may remember the ‘IT’ commercials that ran last year during Christmas. ‘IT’ was something different for everyone. Of course that is how it is in real life too. But to have ‘IT’ you need to know what it is for you. You have to know how you are going to get ‘IT’. Most important though is you need to know that you do not have to do it alone.

It is in the giving and the accepting of help with your team that makes all the difference you could ever want.

We all want better; better money, better time choices, better friendships, better choices in our work/career life. Network marketing will allow you ‘better’ in all aspects of your life. That is a given. But sometimes we forget that it does take team work to make the dream work. And this has many facets to it that we have to be aware of and put into place to really get all of ‘IT’. NULL Sometimes there is so much time spent in building a team that we forget that we really need to be giving to a team foremost.

When you put giving as the first factor in building your team, then they will really grow.

I know you have all been in situations where you have someone that is just fawning all over you. You are the very center of their attention! It is quite flattering and exciting and you like to bask in that moment. Then when you join the company, they have your money, you are lucky if they even remember your name. Or if they do remember it, it is only because they are calling you and wondering why you are not producing the numbers they believe they want to see. Really think about that. Has it happened to you? Or worse, have you been the one on the other end forgetting and pushing? This needs to end. When you make giving your key factor in growing you business you will see incredible results in so many different ways. First off people will actually stay in the company with you and want to be a part of it. Also if you coach them right by giving of yourself, your time, and your true understanding of tuning into them, they will learn that skill. They will grow a huge group and teach them the same way that you taught. It just makes a huge amount of sense. If you are not good at tuning in or being a powerful listener that is a skill set that can be learned. So check with a business or life coach or get some great material on this. This is the way and the truth of growing a fabulous business. The second thing we need to do is learn how to accept. Boy that sounds like an easy thing doesn’t it. But for some people it is very hard.

It is in accepting that you are able to fill back up and have more to give.

(I know my givers are wiping their brow and thinking “whew, okay then I might be able to do this”) Accepting comes in many formats just like giving does. Try and use all of them or at least some of them. It will make a distinction in your business as a whole. Accepting might be as simple as allowing your sponsors to train you and really be open to what they have to share. We live in a society of “I already know that” so we have a tendency to blow off information because we think it isn’t new. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t new. If it is being said it is because it has an important point that will make your business successful. So accept the training for all of its’ potential. Also learn to accept the fact that you will not be good at every part of your business. That is okay. Focus on that which you are good at is much more important than trying to grow on all the stuff that is not easy for you. Too often people focus on trying to fix their weaknesses when focusing on their strengths will get them so much further.

Accept that which is not your strong suit and then find someone who is good at that, and accept that they can help you.

It is okay, let it go, don’t be attach and you will find you will be much more effective. You will be much happier too! And one more thing with accepting is accepting the help, information, and care that others can give. Often givers have a very hard time accepting help. I am not saying this is a fault, I am just saying that you are missing out on one of life’s greatest gifts. Accept that someone from every level of the business can help you understand a way to grow your business. Accept that there are others that can do things better than you and you do other things better than them. So accept their help or at least exchange it. Accept that not everyone can be who you want them to be. Accept them for who they are and where they are at this time. I know these concepts might seem unimportant. But what are most of us looking for, as part of our dream? We want peace, ease, joy and happiness.

Just applying the simple giving and accepting steps can make an enormous difference in your business but also in your life.

I am a giver. Please accept this and apply it in your life. That way we can all find the greatness within us!


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