Creating an “Us” Space by Michael Oliver

Michael OliverCan YOU let go of your ‘need to tell’ long enough to create an “us” space? The use of Dialogue in Natural Selling allows us to create a space that is not about you and me as separate entities – it is about “Us”; “Us” working together to discover what issues might be there, and how to resolve them – that is, if there is a desire to do so. (We’ll discover that too!) Dialogue is like a vacuum that both of “Us” are drawn into, willingly and openly with neither being defensive or on guard. You can’t see it; however you can feel it because of its energy. Within this energy we can create all that we both desire.

The first step of creating and holding this sacred space with your potential customers is to learn to let go of your need to be right or tell.

 NULL It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about relationship, responsibility and acceptance. Relationship If you insist on being right you’ll likely win the battle but more likely lose the war. The truth is – no one wins on the path to be right! That’s why most conventional selling techniques don’t work. They don’t create the ‘Us’ space. In fact they do the opposite – creating resistance and preventing or destroying relationships because they’re based on, “I’ve got the answers that you need.”

Dialogue honors the other person. Dialogue is based on, “You’ve got the answers and I might have a solution. Together we can find out.”

Responsibility As Distributor’s and Salespeople, the way to build and strengthen relationships is by taking 100% responsibility initially for the communication until the other person is drawn into the flow of Dialogue by your example. It’s imperative you make sure both you and your potential customer are being heard and understood. If she says something you don’t’ like, don’t disagree or get tense and upset, find out what’s in behind it. If you say something that upsets her, acknowledge it and find out where it’s coming from, with something like… “I seem to have touched a nerve there; it might be helpful if you could tell me about it?” Learn to be aware of what you’re saying and how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling irritated or tense, ask yourself if your words and feelings are really serving you and the other person. Be an impartial third party in the Dialogue and assist both of you to come to a logical conclusion. Acceptance Sometimes someone might say something to you that is factually incorrect or maybe doesn’t reflect your own values. Verbally punching back with… “You’re wrong…” or “Let me tell you how it really is…” or “I know how you feel… BUT…” creates tension and doesn’t serve anyone. It also does not honor the other person.

Accepting the point of view or concern of another person builds and maintains rapport.

You don’t have to agree with someone to accept and listen to them openly, without interruption and discover why they think that way. Listen to them without prejudice and they’ll listen to you.

Creating an “Us” space through “The Magic and Power of Dialogue” will allow you and any people you speak with enjoy the process and create any result you want.



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