The NOW Law of TIME MANAGEMENT… Carpe’ Diem by Michael York

Michael YorkWe all get an equal amount of time… do you maximize yours? Carpe’ Diem. It’s about all the Latin I know. I do love saying it. It just sounds cool. And it feels cool too. It’s only a couple of words, but in any language it can’t help but add value to your day… and to your life if you adhere to the challenge.

Seize the Day, grab it, enjoy it. Maximize it.

Throw your arms around each day and give thanks for big things, little things, and all the things we often take for granted. Seize the Day with a zest and zeal and a passion that resolves to get the most from it. I love how one of my teachers once described it, “Michael, wherever you are- BE THERE!” Squeeze every drop you can from the experiences you’ll face today. NULL Carpe’ Diem. It’s about all the Latin I know. I do love saying it. It just sounds cool. And it feels cool too. How’s your day going? Hectic? Too fast? Can’t get everything done? Not enough time… Join the crowd. The common mantra of today’s society is “I need MORE TIME!” Some clichés are true, like all work and no play making you dull. Some aren’t. Like time is money. Time is so much more.

And the one thing that most of the masses misunderstand almost as much as money…is time.

Here’s a better question, how will you get more of it? You can’t. You’re already getting “the max.” The maximum time allowed by law. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that’s it. You’re getting right now the same amount of time as anyone you consider wealthy or special or successful. The same as Bill Gates. Same as Billy Graham. And we know how they used their time right? Sound silly? It’s not meant to be, it’s wisdom and thinking differently.

The power of understanding time tells most top performers and high achievers that TIME IS BEYOND OUR ABILITY TO MANAGE IT.

Time management is a poor objective and “mis communication. Time is oblivious to you and me, and our feeble attempts to harness it. “Me” management is a better objective. There really is no such thing as time management. I’m sure you’ve at least heard that statement but the real power is in truly understanding it. If there’s no such thing why do individuals spend countless hours and expend their energy each year sitting in training meetings or seminars as companies and organizations attempt to increase efficiency and productivity by focusing on the completely wrong objective. Time does not respond to anything you or I can say or do to slow it or speed it. Done any time traveling lately? Consider this: Long hours aren’t the best measure of performance or results, what are you actually accomplishing in the time you’re “working?”

Good students of life and work understand the difference between spending time and investing time. One means it is gone forever, the other means it will continue to return rewards and results.

The next time you hear someone say “I don’t have the time,” look them in the eye and tell them how special they really are. “You’re getting the maximum amount of time the law allows!” 24-7, that’s all there is as far as we know, and you’re getting it.

The question is what will we do with it for the greatest return on results for our life?

You choose. How can we get the most from the time we’ve all been given. It really is a gift that keeps on giving, if we’ll only pay attention to the instructions. Here are a few items for you to consider during your busy schedule: 1. Make time for Life, not just Work. Some clichés are true, like the one about “all work, no play” making you dull. Life and work are much better when your tools are SHARP! Lots of individuals have goals for work, very few have written goals for their life and what they want it to become or what they’ll get from it. 2. Take a Vacation. Don’t be a martyr for the company. You’ll get better results, at home and at work, when you take the time to re-charge your battery and get a fresh mindset. Never sell your vacation time or let it expire. It’s worth more than money…it’s your life. 3. Simplify Make your life and work easier, and the lives and work of those around you. 4. First Things First Dr. Covey got it right in his book, some things that are urgent scream for our time while the really important things in life can sit quietly in the corner waiting for you to notice. Pay attention to what’s important and not just what seems urgent. One day you’ll be glad you did…or wish you had. If you’d like the rest of my short list on TIME and how to get the most from yours email your request for the TIME LIST to To Your BIG Life! Michael


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Michael York
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