How to Achieve Your Financial Desires by Jack Zufelt

Jack ZufeltWith the core desire, a success attitude and a proper self-paradigm, your financial success if a foregone conclusion! I went from a low income to being in the top 0.5 percent in the nation in earnings in less than two years – and I only have a high school education. I am living proof that the lack of a formal education is not a hindrance to high income or happiness. I was driven by a Core Desire to make money because I hated being broke and I loved what money would give me. These are the real reasons people make money.

Many different vehicles exist to make money, but it’s your desire to make money that will drive you to success in that area.

Knowing that the power of the Conquering Force does not allow weaknesses or a lack of current ability to keep you from achieving and succeeding, you can face your financial fears and doubts. NULL First, let’s get clear on what you must do – and become – to create the kind of income or financial freedom you want. It’s more than just doing the right things or being involved in a good opportunity. You must have or acquire the right paradigm about yourself. When you acquire the proper self-paradigm, you will find that making money is not so hard if you desire it. Many say they want it, but they resist making the necessary changes. If you truly have a Core Desire to improve your financial situation, you will achieve it. That is why there are so many rags-to-riches stories. People with little if any past success, experience, skills, money, education, or social connections have achieved incredible incomes, because they acquire critical paradigms of themselves.

When you combine three things – a Core Desire for more income, the Success Attitude, and a proper self-paradigm – your financial security is a foregone conclusion.

You may get a new job at a much higher salary, get a promotion in your current employment, or start your own business. It’s only a matter of time before the results will be there. But you should realize that your Core Desires regarding money are usually not the money itself, or the things that money can buy.

Rather, they always have to do with the feelings you have when you aren’t living from paycheck to paycheck.

You must be honest about your Core Desires and recognize them for what they are. For example, many people want to own and drive a Mercedes, not only because it is one of the safest cars on the road but also because it projects an image that enhances the ego. Thoughts about money dominate our culture, and they can be either pleasant or disturbing. Most of the daily news today directly concerns money matters. Scan the headlines for yourself. I call this “hard money news.” Although you are exposed daily to such items, you may be unaware of how often money is in your thoughts. It seems that love and money make the world go ’round. Our fascination with money goes far back in time. Money can be the root of evil or the seed of much good. You need money to support and feed yourself, to get a college education, to help others, to donate to churches and charities, and to raise children. It takes money to be a philanthropist and leave an endowment to support something you believe in. Money cannot make you happy, but it can rid you of many things that make you unhappy. To make a lot of money and to prosper are not selfish acts.

It is an intelligent and caring person’s responsibility to use his or her Conquering Force to achieve prosperity.

Money will always be an important part of your life, whether you like it or not. Money determines, in most instances, the quality of your life. You can suffer the miseries of financial problems, or you can use your Conquering Force to solve those problems. According to U. S. News & World Report, today’s typical middle-class family actually has less money to spend now than it did more than a decade ago. Most people suffer from some conditions that hurt their capacity to accumulate wealth. About 95 percent of retired people are financially dependent; most are dependent on family, friends, or charity and find they must continue working whether they like it or not. Far too many people live from day to day, from paycheck to paycheck. They are just surviving, without the joy that can come from adequate prosperity. Most adults consider money problems their biggest cause of stress. The constant worry about money is debilitating. Worrying provides no known benefit and cannot change what will happen tomorrow – but it can weaken your faith, cripple your actions, destroy your peace of mind, and make you feel powerless. Money issues are a major reason for the breakup of marriages. Money problems affect us all at one time or another, and many of us all the time. Since money problems can ruin our health, cause distress in our personal relationships and our careers, and destroy our happiness and our lifestyles, financial fitness should be a Core Desire for everyone.

Everyone with a Core Desire for financial fitness can achieve it. Financial fitness means being content with your financial life, not wanting for anything, and being free of pressing financial problems.

If financial problems are inflicting distress or harm on you or your family, you are not financially fit. Suppose that I have a crystal ball and can accurately foretell your financial future. You come to me and tell me you want to earn a hundred thousand dollars a year, a sixty-thousand dollar increase over your current salary. Your Core Desire is to be financially independent, free of debt, own your home outright, and come and go as you please. I look into my crystal ball and say, “You’ll have exactly what you want. Your income will be a hundred thousand a year, and you’ll be doing what you love to do. But it will take you thirty-nine months to accomplish this. In the meantime, you’ll have many rough experiences. You’ll start two different businesses, and they’ll both fail. You’ll invest fifty-six thousand dollars of borrowed money, and you’ll lose it. You will almost lose your home and your spouse to divorce because you will fight constantly about money. You will struggle to provide the basics, like food and shelter, for your family. Your self-esteem will suffer, but you won’t give up.” “During the course of those failures and struggles, you will meet the right people, who will teach you things you need to know. This will provide the impetus for you to go into a third business. Your third business will struggle before it begins making money. However, after six months your income will exceed five thousand dollars a month. From there, your business will grow faster than you can imagine. After three years you will be earning over a hundred thousand a year, you won’t fight with your mate over money, and you and she will be closer than ever.” If you knew this prediction was accurate, would you start now? Even knowing that you would face failure twice in the first two years? Even knowing you would have family problems and financial worries? You would probably say, “I want to get started right away.”


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