Dare to be Extraordinary! by Josh Liteky

Josh LitekyWhat does it mean to be extraordinary and live an extraordinary life? This depends on you and your imagination. What does it mean to be extraordinary and live an extraordinary life? What does it take? What does it look like? This depends on you and your imagination.

Bottom line is that if we want to be successful and create lives that are outside of the realm of what most people consider to be normal and comfortable, we have to constantly become extra-ordinary in all that we do.

Any step outside of our comfort zones, no matter how small, is a step toward an extraordinary life. The thing is though, it isn’t like once we get to a certain level of life that we can consider to be extraordinary that we just rest on our laurels, or retire… it is a constant process of stretching, growing, and expanding beyond where we are… creating bigger and bigger goals and visions… non-stop expansion. The only thing we should become comfortable with is being uncomfortable. NULL Growth and change is usually not comfortable in the beginning… this is why most of us resist the process and are contented to stay in our comfort zones. Yet after the initial phase of uncomfortable feelings (fear, adrenaline, whatever) passes we feel the exhilaration of a new level of awareness or experience and this is very exciting! This process repeats itself over and over.

To grow we have to face and go beyond our place, and we either listen to our fears and stay small or punch through them and grow. It is always a choice.

The trick is to keep going and not just sit in the euphoria of the new level of awareness but rather take action from the new level and constantly strive to go beyond where we are any given moment. This is true especially in the face of challenges and obstacles we all experience. Enjoy each moment of course, yet also strive to grow beyond it, constantly. This is a HUGE key to living an extraordinary life. Just the title “extraordinary life” implies everything about the life must be extra and beyond ordinary. Most people are content with ordinary, but for most of us in the network marketing industry, we know better. Just by the nature of our work and focus we are always seeking ways to get better and go beyond where we are. Most of us are here in this industry building our businesses and creating the lives of our dreams, yet when we analyze the statistics of those who actually accomplish “the dream life” the percentages are quite small. There are many factors and reasons for this, but this is not the point of this article, so I won’t go into the reasons.

One thing is for sure, however, those that have made it HAD TO BECOME EXTRAORDINARY to get to the top.

They had to go beyond all of the obstacles that we all face; they had to punch through all of the challenges and had to have the long range vision and belief in themselves to make it to where they are. And I would be willing to bet if you asked any one of them if they would trade one moment of their process of becoming extraordinary for an easy path without challenges, not one of them would say “yes.” We have all heard that success is much more about the journey than the destination. It is a great reminder. It is all about who we become in the process and the end results are the reflection of all we went through to get to the goal.

Quite simply, we have to become extraordinary. And extraordinary life is unlimited life.

It begins with a choice to break away from the ordinary box life that most people are living. This is a major step, usually reached when we get to the point of total frustration with our situation, knowing that we want and deserve much more, but not knowing what to do to make the changes. Those who are making it in this industry know that this has to begin in changing the mindset, being willing to be open to new ways of doing things and thinking. There are very simple things we can do every moment of every day to live an extraordinary life and create and establish the habit of always being extraordinary.

It is all about getting into the habit and flow of going beyond where we are.

This can be applied to absolutely any area of our lives, and it can be the tiniest step. We each know where our comfort zones are and how willing we are to go beyond them. The smallest step for someone can lead to the biggest breakthrough; the step just needs to be taken! Let me use a concrete example of a scenario that will put all that I have said in this article into perspective. Say someone has a fear of prospecting, and the feeling of this fear is so intense that the person will do everything he/she can to avoid doing the actual thing of picking up the phone and speaking to people. They will spend much more time and energy AVOIDING the thing than it would actually take to DO the thing. Yet when they get to the point of total frustration of not having the results they came to have, they will make a choice. This choice can be anything from quitting and blaming the company/products/industry, etc for being a scam to choosing to just knock through their fears and pick up the phone and speak to people. If they make this latter choice then they will get the experience of what it is to be extraordinary… IT’S A TOTAL RUSH! At first it’s scary because it’s unknown territory, to go to a place where we haven’t been before. We are all creatures of habit and like to feel safe and secure, doing what we know we are good at and what we can do. Yet to become extraordinary we have to constantly go beyond what is comfortable, safe, and secure. Security is an illusion.

Security in insecurity is the secret to living an extraordinary life; it’s all about being comfortable with being uncomfortable!

I DARE you to do something new every day that is outside of your comfort zone. This can be anything, nothing is too small. You will feel it too, when you move toward a new direction you will feel some resistance initially, just go through it. Change is uncomfortable for most of us. Try a food you have never had, visit a place you have never been, do the thing you have been afraid to do, Pick up that phone and make those calls! Whatever is holding you back, BLOW THROUGH IT! Feel and see who you become in the process, then you will know what it is to be extraordinary.

The lesson here is in the habit you are creating in your day-to-day life of going beyond your habitual ways of thinking and doing things, and in this process you will feel the experience of being and becoming extraordinary.

As you make this a habit and master this process, you will get to the point where you will be EXCITED to see what you can do with a BRING IT ON! attitude in every area of your life. I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of life I like to live! GO FOR IT!


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