The Student Becomes the Teacher (Literally!) by Larry Hochman

Larry HochmanSometimes our most valuable mentors are the least likely people of all!  If you want to find a mentor who can help you get where you want to go, stay with this story all the way through. It’s POWERFUL!!! Way back in 1999 I went to one of my first MLM meetings. It was a time period when I was introduced to a good deal of the possibility and manifestation thinking I now use and teach. One thing about this training stuck out so strongly I remember it to this day. (The middle age folks laugh when I call 1999 “way back.”) I watched one of the stars of this particular company go up on stage and give his income and lifestyle testimonial. It was REALLY powerful… a 22 year old kid who was making about $18,000 a month in his business. NULL What made it even more powerful was the fact that he was identified as having a learning disability in high school. He was put in the “special classes” and probably allowed to graduate because the teachers couldn’t bear another year with him in their classes. As a high school guidance counselor and college planning coach I know this type of kid very well. They get labeled, and then put in classes that (hopefully) teach them a few basic life skills. Occasionally they even learn something about surviving in the outside world.

But “Joe” had such spirit and drive he found a way to learn in the network marketing industry.

He dug in and became a star. His mentor? His best friend’s father, who was a high six figure earner with this company. Very cool. BUT that’s not the impressive part. What was impressive is the guest he brought to a meeting later that year. He sponsored a man who was Superintendent of Schools in a neighboring state. This man was close to retirement and was looking for something to do in his golden years.

Most people I know who have high leadership positions get them because they recognize MENTORS when they see them. They see someone who knows how to do things they want to do.

And they become WILLING STUDENTS. They put their “listening ears” on. They take their mentor’s time and expertise seriously; knowing if they don’t the mentor will likely walk away. And they in turn serve their mentor, either through money or some other form of energy the mentor finds valuable. This man, who was at the top of his profession, was willing to put his ego in check and take direction from someone who would have been one of the worst performing students in his entire school district.


So let me ask you…who are YOUR mentors? Are they the people who have the title? Possibly? Are they in disguise, waiting to serve you when you recognize them? Could be that also!

What are YOU doing to attract these mentors into your life? Have you clarified what you REALLY WANT?

Are you open to discovering mentoring where most people don’t look for it? Are you a willing student, ready to listen and take direction? Are you willing to trade value for value? Are you willing to serve? Think about it. Then go and find your mentor – or be one to someone else!


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Larry Hochman
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