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George-MadiouDo you have an “A” team in your business and in your life Teamwork, what is it? So many of us try to go it alone. What’s that all about? Is it pride? Is it stubbornness? The most successful Network Marketers master the art of building teams. Notice that I said teams. Yes, that is more than one team.

When you surround yourself with a powerful team your effectiveness goes through the roof!

Building your teams depends upon what you are looking to accomplish. When it comes to my personal life, there are a number of things that I want to accomplish. I’ve been blessed with my wife Debbie; she has been a true gift from God for over 29 years. We are a team of two that has worked well in accomplishing many things over the years both personally and in business. Reflecting back, I know that if I did not have the input of the most important person in my life, the ups and downs of all of that experience would have been a disastrous roller coaster ride that probably would have ended in us not making 29 years. NULL Family members have also been very important team members. Over the years my siblings and my children have been instrumental in some exciting and successful team adventures both personally and in business. Teams are essential in your business life!

When you choose team members for your business, it will help that you like your team but it is also very important that they have a skill set that you don’t have or is not as good as your skill set.

Liking your team member is important because you will spend critical time and energy with this person. You want time on a project to be as smooth and flowing as you can get it to accomplish your goal. Choosing team members, that are more skillful or even smarter than you, will get you to your goal quicker than surrounding yourself with people that don’t meet up with “A” team standards. What is your “A” team?

An “A” team is a team that you assemble to accomplish what you couldn’t accomplish on your own.

Napoleon Hill referred to this as a mastermind group. An “A” team is more than a mastermind group. It’s a group that not only masterminds a problem or a project but the team implements the plan and sees the project to its successful results. There is no room for ego. If a team member is smarter or more skillful that’s great for the team. The important thing is that the “A” team is working for the best of the team not any individual. If you’re building a Network Marketing business, it’s important to understand the difference between your “A” team and your entire team. Your entire downline team makes up a team but…

Your Network Marketing “A” team needs to be your key 5-6 members that earn that position.

To be on your “A” team, a person not only has to be skillful but they have to have an attitude of success for their business and the business’ of all the team members. They have to earn that coveted position in your organization because they will benefit from the help of this focused team. Most importantly this person will be able to build, mentor and facilitate new “A” teams in the group.

“A” team members know how to ask the right questions.

Kurt Wright is the master of asking the right questions. Kurt’s book Breaking The Rules is one of the most impactful books I’ve read on successful team building. Kurt teaches to focus on what’s right rather than what’s wrong. He skillfully has us start with what we want to accomplish and work backwards to get there. Arguably one of the most successful questioner and networker to walk the earth was the one who has been called the Original Networker, Jesus.

Jesus assembled an “A” team of 12 disciples that has touched every corner of this planet.

Jesus could have had a team of thousands, but he chose to choose 12 out of the thousands to teach mentor and work with to get his message out. We can learn much from this team building method. When we focus on our “A” team we become more effective for our entire team. Choose well, keep your eye out for those right “A” team members and stay focused on what you want to accomplish! Aim high! George Madiou


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