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Robin CohenHer style is quietly powerful; building her Oxyfresh business with authentic leadership that honors her values and motivates her people. Robin’s story is all about personal development causing professional growth.

I just think no matter how you do in this business there are always new ways and new people that can inspire you and right now I feel I’m in a new stage of a whole new way of doing it. I feel great!

Robin, is Oxyfresh your full-time occupation? No, well actually it is the most active thing I do. I own some investment real estate now and trade stocks on my own, but yes, this is the only ‘work’ that I do. What did you do in a former life? I sold fish and seafood to hotels and restaurants. You were a fishmonger? Yeah… I’m the original fishmonger.  NULL Let’s start at the beginning. How did you first become aware of network marketing and how did you get involved in it? Well, I was making six-figures in the seafood industry and I had to get up about 3:00 AM. I literally worked on the docks to make sure quality control was good. I worked pretty hard for the income that I made. And, I also really liked it. There was a point where I was called into the office and I was told they were going to take some of my accounts away; accounts that I had brought into the company and that would reduce my income. Somebody thought I was making too much money. I was making more than the general manager. I think I was doing about eight million-dollars in sales and I was very low maintenance, and motivated and I enjoyed what I did. When they did that, well… it was the ‘corporate glass ceiling’ you hit. Was it a gender thing— the ‘glass ceiling’ that women face. Or was it simply that wonderful deal where the salesperson builds the territory and then they cut her back? It was the income. That’s exactly it. There really weren’t even any women in the business so I was pretty much the only one. And it worked to everyone’s advantage that I was there because I would schmooze and do my own thing. So, I don’t think that being a woman was the issue. At that point I’d been looking around because I wanted to make more money than what I was making. Also, I was getting a little tired of the ‘fish boys’ and other industry issues. I had been introduced to a very small network marketing company— actually, I’m just guessing it was small— called Viva America. It was nutritionals and they owned the product line Metrin, a skin care product. They broke apart and we were kind of floundering, we didn’t know what was going on and we kind of regrouped under Metrin itself. I did about a one-year stint with each company. What I realized was I didn’t appreciate being in an environment where there was no stability in terms of management and ownership. I didn’t want to invest myself in that. Also, I didn’t enjoy the conversations. I didn’t enjoy talking to people about nutritionals as it was very hard to prove the results and I didn’t enjoy being in people’s bathrooms showing them how to wash their faces with skin care products so I just needed to find something else. Along came Michelle Scott. Michelle Scott had been looking into Oxyfresh, or actually Oxyfresh had been looking at her, and she told me about it. I was hungry and she wouldn’t actually sign me up because I was already in something else so I sort of begged her. I eventually signed up with her and it turns out I’m the only one she ever signed up in Oxyfresh. I went on to work directly with her upline, Randy Anderson, as Michelle never really got involved. He became my teacher, mentor and dear friend of 12 years. That’s a long-distance love affair, right? Because you’re in Philadelphia and Randy’s out in California? Yes, and Kansas, California, Germany now, too… yep! He’s always made an effort to come out, usually twice a year. He would come out and teach me how to do the business. We would have meetings and I would get to watch how he works with people. Robin, tell me two or three things you got from Randy, from observing how he operates and how he does things, that have been the most meaningful for you. One of the statements he’s always made— and I really live by this— is that when you’re working with people you want to assist to be more productive, rather than saying what’s wrong, say, “What, if done differently, would create a different result, a better result?” It’s always been a very positive way to look at a situation that you want to turn around and not make the people feel badly. It’s a starting point with the eloquence and the warmth and the ‘not too shiny’ professional type of rapport that Randy has…. He’s really just a regular person, a regular guy. Whether he’s talking to a waitress that’s helping us or an owner of a dental practice, he’s pretty much always the same guy. Randy is very authentic, very warm and very easy for people to connect with and relate to personally. Watching him just be himself, with foibles and making mistakes, attract people, was a real eye-opener for me. Once we have the people to work with…

… he always demonstrated ways to elevate them by always empowering them, never putting them down, and finding just the right words that deliver his message so that it makes people feel good about themselves.

What else has been meaningful there for you? I think there is a comfort level for me with Randy in that he’s always taught basics. In the twelve years that we’ve been together in Oxyfresh, lots of things have come and gone, the ‘newest hottest tape’ or the ‘newest hottest presentation’ or PowerPoint or compensation plan, and none of that has ever changed the way Randy operates, which has really been just the basics of network marketing. And what are they, Robin? What are some of those basics? Well, the very, very basic three words – to use, recommend and sponsor people into the business certainly is one. Also, this is a business that’s built one person at a time, one relationship at a time and to really strengthen those relationships through a commitment of time together. Teaching people just the basics of the benefits. Benefits of both the products that you’re representing and the benefits to your life style— as opposed to there being a lot of people who feel they need to know every ingredient in a product and get themselves all wrapped up in technically knowing things and getting lost in the shuffle. Randy has never been a big fan of that. He’s never been a big fan of buying leads for example. He will just work a persons warm market forever. There are always places to go and there is an art form to reminding people or showing them that there are always more tentacles coming from themselves and their immediate warm market so you don’t really need the high tech stuff; Not that it isn’t a benefit in many ways, but in terms of things like buying leads he was never a proponent of that. I’m not either, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever bought a lead. Robin, when we talked earlier you, you didn’t use the word but I will, that your focus is on retailing and establishing customers. Please talk about that. Well, no, I think I misspoke that. At least not on retailing necessarily. The emphasis that we have in our company is that we have two niche markets that are really, really strong. One is the Dental Industry and one is the Veterinary Pet Industry, and in addition to those we are interested in teaching people how to oxydize their home… how to Oxyfresh their home. And teaching them how to let people know what they’re up to and find people with something ‘missing’ in their life and let them know about the income opportunity.

The next thing that I do is I always look to teach people to get involved in the niche markets, because it makes se
nse and it’s really well received.

For example, today I’m working with a woman who is not a dental or pet professional but is interested in working in the pet market right now. So what she has done is cold-called a bunch of people in the industry and we have several appointments, many at places where she has already dropped off product and information on her own.


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