Getting Started… in something new? by Bill Holderby

bill-holderbyThe most rewarding parts of being in on ground floor- the ability to contribute and be a part of something bigger than me. It makes me want it that much more. I was once asked would I rather get involved in a company that was already established with a track record and proven marketing systems or would I rather get started in an upstart that has yet to be proven over time? If you know me, you know the answer. Give me a challenge. Let me cut threw the jungle of weeds on the way towards this thing we call success. Let me help clear the path and lead the way. One can easily argue there are positives and negatives to each.

With a proven track record and something that has been around for a while… you don’t need to guess…the work has already been done (so to speak).

You are taking less of a chance then if you got started with a totally brand new company. NULL

With an upstart though, you have many factors that come in to play.

Is the company well capitalized? (The number one reason companies go out of business). Are the principals and owners good, honest and smart business people? Is management good? Will the product sell? Will we get enough distributors to move the company forward? Can they deliver the product on time? Does it all make sense? Will people get excited? I have been in roughly half a dozen network marketing companies. I can honestly say I made money in all of them. In the beginning it was mainly due to brute force and an unwillingness to just give up. I did ok, but that is all I can say. I did learn though. It was not until my last company that it all seemed to come together. I was 100% sold on the product and concepts around it. I didn’t beg people to get involved with me. I was confident, strong, and excited. Everything flowed including the people I needed to attract and those who came into my business. After a few years I had over 33,000 people in my downline and I was earning five figure weekly checks. Life was great! And then a few things happened. Without going into detail…we had to endure several different presidents, multiple changes to the compensation program, new ownership, and a lawsuit to boot. Still made money, but man was this tough to do.

But let’s face it; I am never going to become an employee.

Most of you reading this who have been in this industry know exactly what I am talking about. We are just plain unemployable. We don’t take directions well from others. Especially when we know that they do not know what they are doing. Even if you have been minimally successful in mlm, you have so much knowledge to draw from. You have been in business class from day one. So here I am having looked at a few different opportunities and someone tells me about this WFL (Warranties For Less) company. It took a bit of time for me to put automotive product warranty and network marketing into the same sentence. It didn’t seem to fit… at all. But I remained open and began my due diligence and worked on finding out if this thing could really fly. I had many questions. Owners, management, had they sold this before, compensation program, who backed us up, was anyone interested in these things anyway… and the list kept on going. I even told a good close distributor friend about it and at first he said adamantly NO… leave me alone. By the way, that person is now a co-master distributor along with myself. So here is what I found out. First, the owners of the company were some very successful businessmen. They came from traditional lines of business (no mlm) and had been very successful. They had their company AWS (Automotive Warranty Solutions) in business for just about 4 years and were doing in excess of $35M a year in business. They are on target to double that this year and will more then likely double their already 100 employees. Ok, that seemed quite impressive. Next, we moved on to the actual product. A product warranty for a car that basically covered the engine, drive train and transmission for 5 years or 100,000 additional miles on any car 1980 or later. Plus, it included your lock out service, gas and fluid delivery if you need it along with rental car reimbursement and so forth. This company was selling millions of dollars of polices like this and people were buying them. When they discussed the idea of selling through relationship marketing or network marketing…they then brought in the people to help make that a reality. The compensation plans was put together and let’s just say there is serious money in this plan. And they did not have to mark the product up 7 or 8 times to get that profit. The price remained the same as what they sold it through traditional means i.e. information cards and telemarketing and so forth.

The more and more time I spent with the company executives the more I began to see the beauty of this whole opportunity.

We have no competition in the mlm industry. Think about if you start in a nutrition company…they are a dime a dozen and everyone has the best product. Yeah, been there done that. We have an already proven $Billion market. The principals and company are well funded. The management team is top notch professionals with tremendous knowledge and a sense of enthusiasm over this new way of moving product. The product is backed up by a 135 year old, $5B, A rated company. We have a compensation plan that is incredible… and if that was not enough, we have already signed up in excess of 3000 people during the pre-launch phase of the business already doing $100,000s in business.

But wait… here is the beauty of all of this. This is ground floor.

And just like a few people who believed in this guy Bill Gates, who rode the rollercoaster with him in the beginning. Those who started with him didn’t become millionaires they became billionaires. Now I am not saying we are going to hit that kind of money… we are talking two completely different industries. However we all know that those that get in ahead of the vast majority tend to do better when it is commonly accepted as fact.

Those willing to risk their time on themselves stand to profit the most.

Not too mention to have a part in being involved in something that is growing and building. That to me is also some of the most rewarding parts of being in on ground floor; the ability to contribute and be a part of something bigger than me. It makes me want it that much more. So are you sitting there, thinking in your mind I wouldn’t mind being a bit adventurous? I wouldn’t mind getting in early and riding a wave. Heck, I wouldn’t mind being a part of creating that wave. Then just remember one very important idea.

You must get started in order to finish.



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