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George-MadiouWe’re building this business the way The Greatest Networker in the World taught me to. I was stopped on a gravel road on the side of a mountain in Virginia just past sundown, afraid to pull into what I hoped was the driveway. I didn’t know if it led to the house or if I would plummet off the side of the mountain. ‘Better to get out of the pick-up and look than to drive this truck into the ditch’, I thought. It was the right move. I would have gotten my Uncle’s truck stuck. I was so close, but wasn’t there yet. I could see the Greatest Networker’s house further up the hill. There were a number of lit torches along the porch railing… but where was the driveway? I got back in the truck, put it in gear and the back tires started spinning in the gravel. ‘Damn, no traction, not enough weight in this empty pick up.’ I gunned it, digging ruts in the gravel road, and began to inch my way forward, sliding up the steep driveway.  NULL Off in the distance I could hear that deep booming laugh of the Greatest Networker. “Imagine this,” I thought, “The Greatest Networker is laughing at me! Is this just like jumping into the pages of his book or what?” It was my first time visiting John Fogg at his home. A few years earlier, we had met one another when I was doing promotion for some trainers in network marketing. We hit it off immediately. Our first joint venture was republishing John’s classic best seller The Greatest Networker in the World and its “even better” sequel Conversations With The Greatest Networker in the World into the Platinum Edition Double-Book. After that, we started exploring other projects, always with the goal in mind to deliver high quality products and services to network marketers looking to truly build their business. That’s one piece of how first started to take shape. The character, The Greatest Networker, came from deep inside John’s own life experiences.

One of the things the Greatest Networker did was to develop the people he mentored into Greatest Networkers themselves. As our friend John Kalench taught, to do that, you must develop a belief in your company and products… belief in yourself… and an unshakable belief in this great industry of network marketing. will be a resource in developing that unshakable belief in yourself and in your life and work in network marketing. Your company will be the place for you to get that unshakable belief in your leaders and your products. The Greatest Networker teaches that to believe is to be in love with. The more you work on these three beliefs, the more you will fall in love with the vision of what your business can develop into for you and your family. The hope and freedom that network marketing can offer you are awesome! Just before I first met John Fogg, I decided to pick up his classic and read it again. I was going to interview him the next day and it had been a while since I’d read The Greatest Networker in the World. I found it in my library, put it by my bed and I didn’t fall asleep until I finished it. The next day I called John and said, “I just read your book again. It’s the first time I read it in nine years. I can’t get over how good it got!”

John said, “George, the book hasn’t changed. What’s happened to you?”

That was the point. Reading The Greatest Networker in the World, again after all that time, I identified seeds that were planted in me back when I was a baby in network marketing. They had sprouted and helped me become a leader in the industry. Many of the things I shared and taught my downline, and others I had mentored, came directly from what I had read in the book years before. What I learned from The Greatest Networker, not only helped me grow my business, but they are the same principles we’re using to build today. Relationshipping, Friendshipping, Partnershipping and Leadershipping. Taking it one step at a time. Listen, really listen, to people. They will tell you what they are looking for, what’s important, really important, to them. Don’t assume. Listen. is a digital magazine and it will redefine what a magazine is and can do for you. We have the ability to be in a whole new level of relationship with our readers. This is a magazine made for, about and by our subscribers. Before the end of the year, we’ll be INTERACTIVE. Readers/writing along with the writers! And, you’ll be able to sign up for scheduled, multi-media learning via LiveOnlineMeeting with the authors to discuss their articles and ideas! How cool is that?

Create friendships. Know, like and trust the people you are partnering up with. Give, give, give… then give some more. That’s the only way you’ll get Value, value, value.

A friend genuinely cares. When you give in a caring way, your friendship grows. The value of your relationship grows. Everyone grows. Together., is dedicated to giving so much value it’s silly! The first month’s issue has hundreds of dollars worth of audio learning alone! At $4.58 an issue, that’s what we call value-added-value-value-added! I’m very fond of a story that one of my favorite authors, Joseph F. Girzone, tells in his book, Joshua In The Holy Land. He tells of a wise man who was growing old. His time was running out and he was concerned about his children. Times were bad and the old man had little left to provide for them. The old man’s neighbors were miserable people and he could not trust them to be kind to his children when he died, even though their children were his children’s playmates. The wise old man called in his children as well as his neighbors’ children and sat them down. Taking a sack out of the closet, he confided to them a secret. In the hills not far from their home was a very large field, which he owned. The old man opened the sack and took out a handful of nuts that looked like acorns. “You see these nuts?” the old man asked. “Well listen to me. I have nothing to give you but these. And you, my neighbors children, are like my own. Each day I will give each of you a bag of these nuts. You are to go up into the hills and plant them. The next day I will give you more. And each day after that until the sacks are empty. And you are to keep this secret to yourselves.” Years later the wise old man died. The neighbors were mean to the old man’s children and tried to turn their children against them. In time the neighbors died, and the children were left alone. Being poor and having nowhere to earn a living, the children said to one another, “Remember the wise old man, our father, how he gave us the bags of nuts to plant? Let us go to see what happened to them.” They went up to the hills overlooking the valley, and to their surprise, there before their eyes was a vast forest of tall, beautiful, and rare trees, stretching as far as the eye could see, a rich treasure that would make them all extremely wealthy. However, in order to gather that wealth they had to be forever friends and work together on a piece of land that before was useless. This is why the teachings and the principles of the Greatest Networker are so valuable. This is what we aim for at the Relationshipping, Friendshipping, Partnershipping and Leadershipping! I finally found the driveway a few hundred feet ahead. I had a wonderful stay with the man I believe is THE Greatest Networker in the World and his beautiful family. We made plans on that visit… a vision into the future… a vision of helping millions of network marketers breakthrough the hype of striving to make thousands of MLM millionaires. Committed instead to creating millions of network marketing thousandaires! This is the vision for the magazine. Our mission is to be your friend and partner for all our personal development and professional growth. Lets enjoy the together.


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George Madiou
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