Don’t Sell the Opportunity, Sell YOU! by Terri Levine

Terri LevineYou have some actions to do as your play-work. Pretty soon you will be the credible expert and people will buy from you and want to play with you in your networking marketing business! I am thrilled to see so many women as leaders in network marketing and so many others working towards creating a serious income and business for themselves. Over the years of coaching individuals and networking marketing organizations I know that creating your own expert status is what will make you successful in network marketing and I also know that many women are afraid to “toot” their own horns.

Let me show you how it can be easy and effortless to position yourself as a credible expert and how that will result in more people ordering your products or services and more people wanting to be in business with you.

Years ago I struggled with putting myself out there as an expert. After all, who was I? Then I posted some fun photos of me with people I had met a seminars and events that were famous. I noticed many people asked me about those photos and I got more web hits. Pretty soon I saw the power of positioning myself as an expert who knows other experts.  NULL

That is when the magic happened! Instead of slowly building a business my business exploded and my income added another digit quickly. I then when on to develop the right formula that network marketers can use to show expert status, increase their credibility, income and profits. I love sharing this formula with those I coach and am delighted to share it with network marketers worldwide. Ok, buckle up for this crash course that will give you more ease and joy in your network marketing business! It doesn’t matter if you have college degrees and/or credentials in network marketing. What does matter is what you know in your life and/or work experience.

You are a credible expert in your network marketing business just because you know more about the products and services than your prospects do.

So, your first action is to notice your inner story, your fears and your concerns about saying you are an expert so we can get on with the outer actions. If you are stuck in fear you have to move past it with the help of a coach or a friend so you can get into taking these simple, fun actions that will lead to your success. Your first action is to be sure you have your own website and not just what the company might provide you. Why? Because you need a site positioning YOU as the expert vs. positioning the company. You can have a simple page with your story about why you are in the business you are in, how you got in, your goals and a photo of you. People connect with people and buy from people and join as a business partner due to their connection with YOU. You need to attract people to you, first. I highly suggest you offer a free tips sheet, free article, free resource or even free CD or Mp3 download on the site or even a free ezine. This will be your lead generation where people will provide their name, email and phone to receive your valuable, benefit laden freebie.

Important point: this is not to be a company CD or report because people need to hear YOU and this establishes your expert status.

It is easy to write up a tip sheet or quick report or to record an Mp3 at home these days and if you need help there are tons of places to look on your favorite search engine and ghost writers and techies to help you. Trust me from a non-techie, this is easy. Now that you have people downloading your freebie or ordering it, you then have an opportunity to call these people and to find out more about them. Notice I didn’t say to give them a sales presentation, overcome their objections and to close them.

You must first establish a relationship as the credible expert who cares. On each call be more interested than interesting and listen and ask questions to get to know the people you are speaking with and make your goal a heart-to-heart connection.

I listen and then show people how my products or services can serve them and I am not attached to the outcome of them signing up or buying. I use my Sell-Without-Selling method to simply hear people deeply and then let them know why what I am offering is a fit and then leave it up to them and trust in their decision to know if it is right or not for them. The second you start to push and go for an outcome is the second you have lost the prospect. My goal is to market based on what other people really need and not what I think they want and not what I want. You have one other task and that is to collect testimonials to show you are a credible expert. My websites and my keynote speeches are crammed with testimonials. Collect testimonials about YOU… even what a great person you are, great friend, great Mom, etc. I remind you people build relationships with people they like and trust and the more testimonials you have the more you overcome any skepticism. Of course testimonials from people who have purchased from you and those who have come on a business partners are great also. Do you see how this can be easy and fun? You have some actions to do as your play-work. First, a simple website; second, a freebie for lead generation on the website; and third, lots of testimonials. Pretty soon you will be the credible expert and people will buy from you and want to play with you in your networking marketing business!


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