Feng Shui-ing Your “Maybe” List by Michael Oliver

Michael OliverThe question is, are you committed to change yourself by letting go of what isn’t working for you?  My den is where I do most of my work, and I spent a profitable day “Feng Shui-ing” it this week – a fancy word for reorganizing and clearing out all the clutter stuff I’ve accumulated, and that is slowing me down. It reminded of when I used to have “Maybe Days”. These were days when I eliminated my “Maybe List” of potential clients I had “allowed” to hang around, clutter up my mind and slow me down like a dragging anchor. Maybe you have your own “Maybe List” that you are allowing to slow you down and suck out the energy that you could otherwise use to carry you profitably forward?

Perhaps it’s time to speak with the people you have been hoping, wishing, praying for to join you, and ask them the liberating question, “Are you ready to make the change?”

 NULL Here’s how you can do this… (1) Get your list of potential partners/customers together; the ones that have been dragging on for too long and you know it. (2) Decide on a dedicated 24 hour “Maybe Day”… and call them all. (They’ll all be there!) The next two bits are critical: (1) Make it fun, with spring, laughter and confidence in your voice, AND…

(2) Decide you are looking for ONE of TWO responses… a YES or a NO! It’s either, “Yes I’m going to JOIN or… take an ACTION STEP”, or “NO, it’s not for me”.

You can start with something like this. “Hello Mary this is (your name) Mary, I’m having my “Monthly Maybe Day”… and the reason I’m calling is to find out whether you want to proceed with (joining, taking the next step, etc) or whether we should move on and let you continue doing what you’re presently doing? What would you like to do?” At the end of the day you must have eliminated all the maybes. No “keep in touch and call me backs”, no “let me think about its” It’s either a yes or a no. If you get any maybe responses here is what you can do: (1) Acknowledge the response “I can appreciate that… and Mary, I did let you know that this is a “Maybe Day” (don’t forget to make it fun!) and I think you’ll agree that sometimes we all need to move on… so what I’m going to suggest is this… I’m going to take you off my list of potential partners, and if you ever decide that you want to move forward to get what you’re looking for, please call me… you have my number” (2) Ask. “Before I go…can I ask… for my own clarification… Why you decided not to… (make the change)?” Then continue using your Natural Selling skills to Discover whether the circumstances might have changed, or you missed something in an earlier conversation and so on. If you know they are not motivated to make change, then repeat some of (1) and depart graciously.

Here’s the important part. If you decide to depart, take your contact sheet and a thick black marker pen, and with great flourish graphically draw a diagonal line across it, file it in the deepest archives and LET IT GO.

If it’s to be, they will come back. Besides there are more people than you can talk with in a lifetime who do need your help and they’re all there waiting for you to talk with them. The choice is yours! Perpetual motion forward by seeking out those who are seeking to be helped, or staying anchored to those who don’t? What’s the worst that could happen? The worst thing, according to some distributors I’ve spoken with, is that at the end of the day no one joined, and the Maybe List would be reduced to nothing! Then they wouldn’t have anyone to talk with. After all, isn’t having at least one, potential perhaps… maybe… possibly… partner… better than having none at all? Well, the objective IS to eliminate your Maybe List… whether anyone joins you or not! It goes back to Qualifying.

You’re looking for people who are prepared to help themselves. In that context, you’re looking for Yes’s and No’s. However, Yes’s and No’s for the RIGHT reasons, not as a numbers game.

If you get all No’s, perfect… time to move on, you’ve accomplished your goal of eliminating your Maybe List. Instead of loss, what if you viewed it from the point of view of a new beginning? What if you made the resolution of never having another Maybe List again? Not only that, what if you replaced it with an “ACTION STEPS” List… and the only people you allowed yourself to put on that list were potential partners who committed to take an action step forward each time you spoke with them? An action step toward making the final committed Yes or No. With the minds of millions being opened to the fact that there is no safety in working for someone else after seeing an economy torn to shreds with mismanagement and self-serving interests, this is no time to hang on to Maybe’s.

There are more people than you can handle in a lifetime who are seeking your help to find the same thing as you – personal and financial freedom.

Isn’t life too short to hang on to your list of those not getting what they want, and yet not committed to make the change necessary to get it? The question is, are you committed to change yourself by letting go of what isn’t working for you? Is your attachment to your Maybe List holding you back? Perhaps letting go of your attachment will free you to move forward.

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