Habits for Tripling Your Income by Robert Shemin

Robert SheminIf you and your team all performed this habit consistently for 6 months or 1 year you’re on your way to consistent profits!  Have you ever noticed what you do everyday and every hour? Perhaps a good idea would be to track each hour and all of the HABITS that you habitually follow. How do you start your day? What activities do you get done and not get done? Specifically what habits do you have to build your business? Build your team? What habits should you have each day to skyrocket your income? Take seven minutes and answer those questions now! Many people study, read about, and think about having healthier and more productive habits but they do not. Take just a moment and think about all the productive habits you do, do not do, and wish you did. What effect would just a few slight changes have on your life and your business? Before I give you the solution and the quantum success key to helping you finally achieve your goals – supported by the right habits, I want to tell you the secret of why it has not worked for you in the past. NULL

You, your team, and just about everyone including me usually goes about the entirely wrong way of creating a habit. We all say we are going to go on the big diet tomorrow, start the massive action business plan Monday, and triple our business in the next 30 days. Basically, we all want to go from zero to 120 and rarely make it to 35 in success miles. What’s worse, we’ve overloaded our engines. We did not get a chance to warm up the carburetors or cylinders of successful habits and now we are worn out. So, here is the secret:

Pick one success habit, like calling a new recruit everyday, helping one key team member get a sale and a check, lining up new prospects and presenting to them.

Now, once you pick the one success habit that you want to accomplish, start with only 15 minuets a day. This may seem like too little, but it is not.15 minuets a day is something that anyone can do. Do this for one week, 6-7 days a week which could in just 6 days produce over 90 minutes of pure productive and focused time. Once you are in the habit then it’s easy to do it the 2nd week. The 2nd week increase that habit time by 3 minutes. The next week do your super productive, super focused habit for 18 minutes. That’s a 20% increase in your productive habit. The next week increase it another 3 minutes, and so on and so on.

In the real world a 20% increase in sales, productivity, or profits would be highly admirable. You and your team could begin to achieve 20% increase – weekly!

Imagine if you and your team all performed this habit consistently for 6 months or 1 year. Everyone would be calling, recruiting and selling in a highly focused habitual way. This would start your team and yourself on its way to consistent and habitual productivity and profits. What new habit will you start today?


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Robert Shemin
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