Set Up a Learning Resource at Home and at Your Place of Business by Denis Waitley

Denis WaitleyWith Both Personal and Professional Development Materials  Every office conference, lunch, exercise, and recreation room should be filled with personal enrichment materials including videos, audios, books, magazines, newsletters, and software. Convert a special area of your home into a learning center, especially if you have children. The trend globally is to combine a coffee house like Starbucks, with bookstores like Barnes and Noble, to create a relaxing learning environment.

In the twenty-first century, gaining knowledge will blend into our lives as part of our leisure time.

There are several ways to create more of an ongoing learning environment at your place of business. Many companies are asking employees to volunteer to read a specific trade or business magazine and clip or scan articles relevant to the organization. Regular e-mail dispersal and fax dispersal are also popular. NULL

In today’s fast-forward, knowledge-based world, if you’re not moving ahead you are falling behind. Action Idea: Make two files in your computer: one for personal development and one for professional development. Download articles and e-mails that educate and inspire you in these files. You also can scan articles from magazines into these files. Look at these files at least once per week.


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