Taking Action… As Soon As I Know Everything by Ted Henry

Ted HenryI wanted to look professional and have ALL of the answers… so, I never got started! Some 17 years ago I got my start in Network Marketing. Someone drew some circles, told me I could make $100K a year and off to the races I went. How could this be so easy? I would just go sell my friends on the idea of big money. I would go down the street and sell some products to some neighbors and before I could say 1, 2, 3… I would be rolling in it!

And I was. I was rolling in self doubt paralyzed by the “I need to know everything before I get started” syndrome.

How could I go out and tell people that I could show them how to get rich when I had not even sponsored my first person? How could I tell them how great the product’s were when I hadn’t even tried them yet? NULL

What if they asked a question I couldn’t answer? How stupid would I look? They would surely run away laughing and tell all of my friends and I would be the laughing stock! Perhaps if I made up a really cool flyer of some sort? Perhaps I could run an Ad in the paper? Maybe I could make up some postcards and mail to people? If it had lots of colors and cool designs then it would seem like I was an expert or something! But what if my friends thought I was crazy for starting a business “like this”? Would they think I was broke? Was this my last ditch effort? What if they no longer wanted to be my friend?

Yes – for many of the first years in the business I spent a lot of time and money getting ready to get ready.

I believe the term “Saddling Up” fit just fine. I was more concerned about what people might think about me than anything else. I wanted to look professional and have ALL of the answers… so, I never got started! Seems like I did everything I could to find a reason not to pick up the phone, not to make a contact, not to do follow-up.

It was much easier to find a reason not to do the things to build a business that it was to actually DO them!

Finally, after many years of frustration I began to realize that I did not have to know everything! I had upline partners who had all the answers! I began to realize that this business was not about “me” and what I could do or what I knew. I realized that utilizing the TEAM made things easier. I learned about 3rd party credibility. I learned that my EGO had to be GONE for me to be successful. I learned that doing a 3-way call was one of the most powerful things ever invented.

I could sit back and let my partner do most of the work for me and I learned in the process. Once I came to these realizations my business grew.

I learned more in a few months than I had previously learned in years. My business boomed. My income skyrocketed and finally I realized what it was like to earn Six Figure income in the business because I was! Moral of the story:

1. It is not about you. 2. It is not about some cool postcard, flyer, email or website 3. This is a people business 4. Use your Upline Partner – Your support line 5. They have the credibility and the answers 6. If your friends don’t like you because you are in the business – Find new friends 7. Your friends are not going to make your house payment 8. Hope people ask you questions you have no answer for – This keeps you learning 9. Relax 10. Have fun

Ted Henry


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Ted Henry
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