You Can’t Meet In The Middle by Mark Semple

Mark SempleYou are now free to seek the options that will support both you and your significant other in the life journey you desire.  Finding a compromise in situations is always a preferred approach. As Steven Covey says in 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, you must go for a win-win. Anything else is a loss. Specifically, if one party is losing, it cannot have a positive outcome; no matter how noble it may seem.

To “meet in the middle” is to find solutions that are mutually-beneficial to you and your beloved.

As your life journey unfolds, you are undoubtedly learning, growing and changing. When you are in the world of the entrepreneur, the changes can be happening rapidly. The more you learn about spirituality, success, empowerment, etc. the more you desire. As your awareness of the greatness that is within you expands, you are excited to see what else can unfold for you. If your significant other is not sharing the journey of enlightenment with you, they may be either staying where they are, or evolving on a different path than you.  NULL

At some point, you may realize that you are in different spaces and that there seems to be quite a gap between you.

The most obvious solution to bridge this gap is to meet in the middle. Which, essentially means that you must shift away from who you truly are, and they must do the same. Thus, you are now coming together as people you are not.

How long will that space be fulfilling? Although I prefer not to use the term ‘level’ in a relationship (it implies superiority), you may be in a higher space than your significant other. Meeting in the middle may then mean that you have to come down a few clicks – which you would be able to do. They, however, would have to come up from the space they are in, into a world they have no experience in. How realistic would it be to expect them to be able to do that? In order for you to communicate effectively, you would have to meet them where they are at and communicate in a manner they can comprehend. If your journeys continue to evolve in different directions and the gap between your respective spaces increases, it may be increasingly less fulfilling for you to do that. Obviously, your relationship is nothing to do with your vocation or your business.

To ensure you maintain a healthy, empowering, mutually-fulfilling relationship you both must ensure that it is maintained as a priority.

You are both distinct, individual human beings and, you both have a specific purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. The more you keep your relationship and your shared journey as a focal point, the more opportunities you will see to evolve together. As always, prevention is better than cure. Being aware of the potential to grow differently can open you both to options to grow into your greatness, while maintaining your loving space. If you have realized that you and your partner have grown apart, then something obviously needs to shift. You are not going to give up being who you are just to appease them. And, you won’t expect them to make a quantum leap to attain the same space you hold. Now you are aware that meeting in the middle may not be realistic, you are now free to seek the options that will support you both in the life journey you desire. Mark Semple CCC


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