Jack ZufeltCombine the following four things and they will help you become truly wealthy! Benjamin Franklin said, “…the way to wealth, if you desire it, is as plain as the way to the market.” According to Benjamin Franklin autobiography he was “penniless” when he left home as a teenager. Yet he went on to become one of the most successful people in America. How did he do that? If he is right, that the way to wealth is as easy as going to the grocery store, then why are so many people not at that store? They must be driving all over the place trying to find it… that source of wealth, but it continually eludes them. But… Ben said it was easy as going to market! If you aren’t there yet then you must ask yourself this question; “What does he know that I do not?” This is where finding a mentor comes in. They know things you do not know. They feel differently than you do. They have different paradigms than you do. They act differently than you do. They handle failure differently than you do. They think differently than you. NULL

Mentors can shorten your learning curve dramatically.

This is one of the reasons TNMM is so valuable. We provide a wealth of knowledge through a plethora of highly successful people who willingly share with you things they know it takes to achieve great income in this industry. They can all be your mentors and you get them for only $2.99 a year! If you haven’t done it already go to this link and sign up for the amazing offer for only $2.99 a year!

If it is a Core Desire to make a lot of money and be wealthy you will achieve it. That is why there are so many rags to riches stories in the world.

People without any past success or experience, skills, money or high level connections have achieved incredible incomes and have increased their net worth considerably because they had, or acquired the correct paradigms. You can fail but you will get up and go again if it is a Core Desire. Like riding a bicycle, once you learn to ride one you can get on and ride any bicycle you want. If you are used to a five speed and get on one with 15 gears you may be less than efficient until you get the hang of it, but in the meantime you are riding it. It will only be a matter of time before you are comfortable with it. Everything can be sped up if someone (a mentor) shows you how and when to shift those 15 gears. I know a man earning $130,000 a month in MLM and the company he is doing that with is his 45th company! He never gave up! He kept learning and tweaking and changing.

We should all be constant “wealth seekers”. Wealth in many areas of life is smart to desire and seek after.

You can have a wealth of knowledge; You can have wealth of friends; You can have a wealth of love in your family; Your spouse; your children and grand children; You can have a wealth of spirituality (this is the most important one); You can have a wealth of experiences –- both good and bad – that give you a wealth of wisdom; And of course you can have wealth as it pertains to money, income and net worth.

One of the beautiful things about this life is that God gave us all the ability to choose and He did not limit us. We can have wealth in ALL that this life has to offer… if we want it. You don’t have to choose.

Many go after the almighty dollar at the expense of their health or family. That is crazy! Not necessary! Choose today to be become wealthy in ALL that life has to offer and you will be a very happy person. Combine these four things, 1) a Core Desire for more wealth is life with 2) the Success Attitude formula (SA = (CD+ D) X PA + P) 3) proper paradigm about business and 4) your ability to learn, creating a wealthy life is a foregone conclusion. It will only be a matter of time before you have it all. When you get the $2.99 offer George Madiou and I are offering you will get, at no extra charge, a video of one of my $15,000 seminars on those four things and they will help you become truly wealthy! Jack M. Zufelt – “Mentor To Millions” and MLM Expert www.jackzufelt.com www.theDNAofMLMsuccess.com


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Jack Zufelt
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