Cracking the Rich Code – How to Fly First Class Every Time by Jim Britt

Jim Britt12 multi-millionaire entrepreneurs show you how to leverage what you already know into money making ideas that can give you the freedom to upgrade your home, send the kids to the best schools, and fly first class every time you travel. The other day I was chatting with the woman seated next to me while we waited to board our plane. After a few pleasantries, she learned that I was flying First Class. “Do you always fly First Class?” she asked. “Yes, I do,” I replied. She sighed. “I flew First Class once. It was amazing… I sure wish I could do it again.” These days I can’t imagine not flying First Class. I ride in a limo from the airport to my suite, and I never worry about the price of dinner in the four-star hotel restaurant. When I want to get away, I’ll spend as much time as I want on my favorite Hawaiian or Caribbean beach without any concern for vacation time or money. Hi. My name is Jim Britt, and I wasn’t always able to travel like this. There was a time when I could barely afford a taxi. I stayed in hotels where I parked my car outside the front door… like Motel 6. NULL

I ate at the local diner, selecting the least expensive meal even if it wasn’t something I liked. Being broke was simply the way things were, and without even a high school degree, I didn’t see a way out. I wasn’t a businessman. I’d never done anything outside of making $1.67 an hour as a factory worker. I joined my first network marketing company and by the end of the first year in business I had lost everything…my home, both cars and my furniture. My phone had been disconnected and the sheriff had placed a note on my front door saying I had five days to get out. Not a pleasant time. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Everything changed, though, when a mentor sat me down and explained what I had been doing wrong. I just followed his guidance, and in less than a year I found myself making over $40,000 per month. Since then, I’ve made millions simply by taking advantage of opportunities at the right time. I’ve watched countless others do the same thing. Sometimes they start a business, but not always. They have an idea, and within days they’re making money without a storefront, without an inventory, and without employees. I’ve also watched people like my friend and Billionaire, Bill Bartmann create multi-million dollar businesses with a thousand employees… starting from an idea and minimal cash. Whether it’s network marketing or traditional business doesn’t really matter in the end. What we end up with isn’t a “business.” The result is freedom – the freedom to come and go as we please; eat when and where we want; take long vacations; and live debt-free in luxurious homes. A real entrepreneur knows that no matter what else is going on in the world we always know that we can find a way to make money.

That’s the real key to making money – it’s a certain mindset in which you see money-making ideas instead of only seeing life through the veil of your present circumstances.

Cracking the Rich Code… In a moment, I’m going to explain how you can live the kind of life where your kids go to the best schools and your only worry is which $100 bottle of wine you’ll be serving with dinner. I’ll show you how I and eleven other multi-millionaires did it. We’ll show how to earn the kind of money that frees you forever from the bondage of a job you hate and a lifestyle you’d like to leave behind. You’ll find that it’s not about the business model, but rather how you approach it that makes all the difference. But, first, here are a few examples of what’s possible when you follow an idea… Ashley Qualls took an $8 loan from her mother to purchase the domain name, and by the time she turned 17 she had a million dollar business selling MySpace layouts to teenage girls. James Murray Wells was still in college when he noticed there were no UK retailers selling eyeglasses online. He used his college loan money to start the business and made over $1 million his first year. Joe McClure and his brother tapped into a family recipe to create their own pickle business. They earned nearly a million dollars in 2010. Franny Martin launched a Michigan cookie company when she was 56 and grew the business into a nearly million dollar business within three years… making cookies! Making Money Is Not Rocket Science… By now you know that Facebook (worth an estimated $50 billion) was started by a couple of college students at Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg has become a household name. On the other hand, you’ve probably never heard of Naveen Selvadura. He founded Foursquare, which is valued at over $100 million. And, 20-something Fraser Doherty leveraged his mom’s jam recipe to create a line of all-natural products. His company had sales of $1.1 million in 2009. The list of successful entrepreneurs is nearly endless. For every big company that’s received a government handout in the past few years, there are a thousand entrepreneurs who have created new jobs and made themselves rich in the process. The list of successful network marketers is endless as well. I could name you thousands of individuals from almost any profession who are making tons of money in a network marketing business.

Again it’s not the business model that makes you the money, it’s how you think and approach making money.

Some build empires with hundreds of employees. Others work at home, taking time out to ride the surf when the waves are just right. Being an entrepreneur is a way of thinking. It’s not about owning a business or having an MBA. You don’t need a ton of money to make money either. You don’t need an Ivy League degree. You don’t even have to have a money-making idea to get started. In network marketing you can partner with someone that puts up all the money and support and just go to work. What’s the Secret to Making Money… I wanted to discover the secret of entrepreneurs who seem to make money at the drop of a hat. How do we do it? And, how can we help you and others do the same thing – make money, get out of the rat race, become debt-free, and live life free of any money worries? So, I hired a top production crew and followed 12 experts around the country. I hired an Award-winning TV host and spent well over two hours with each millionaire, grilling them for their best ideas and the secrets to their success. We were surprised by what we learned. I call it “Cracking the Rich Code.” See, there’s not “one secret,” or even one secret per expert. We learned that there are dozens of ways that you can make money, and that your success has nothing to do with age, education, intelligence, or the family into which you were born. Once you crack the “code” you’ll always have money…and lots of it! Think and act like a Millionaire Entrepreneur… This may come as a shock to you, but most people really don’t want to change. Just give them a beer, point them toward the sofa and give them the television remote. They will continue to complacently live out their lives. Most people are much too busy earning a living to become financially free. They spend the majority of their time focused on what they don’t have and what they don’t want, instead of focusing on what they want in their lives.

If you want to become successful, if you want to become financially free, you have to take action to change, otherwise there will always be somebody telling you how to run your life, making you feel insecure and doubtful.

I know people, as I’m sure you do, who go to work every day to a job that they hate. They hate what they earn and/or what they do, but they stay because they feel they have no other choice. They justify their position by calling it job security. But what they don’t realize is that there’s no security in a
job! It’s called prolonged poverty in my book! It’s like living in a place you hate but you’re afraid to move because of your job. Then you lose your job and can’t afford to move, so you look for another insecure position that will keep you in the place you hate. That’s insanity, not security! What would I say to a person in that position? If you want to get better, you have to be bold. You have to make a decision to do something differently. Stop working for someone else’s goals and dreams and make a decision to start working for your own. So, the next time you catch yourself saying, “I have no choice,” stop and ask yourself if that’s really true.

The more you make choices that move you in the direction of your objective, the faster you will arrive there. The fact is, that’s how we arrived at where we are today. We arrived where we are based upon our objectives and choices.

Every millionaire entrepreneur we interviewed talks about having a “millionaire mindset.” If you had the opportunity to watch the clips we shared from some of our “Cracking the Rich Code” interviews you saw Harv Eker talk about your “money blueprint.” It’s the maximum amount of money you’ll ever make, and unfortunately for most people, it’s a terribly low number. Harv talked about how to change your money blueprint so that you can make as much money as you want instead of limiting yourself to your pre-programmed money blueprint. He says that, “If you want to understand your money blueprint, just look at how much money you have today.” Becoming rich isn’t just something you do in your head. You’ve got to take action, doing the things that move you towards your wealth goal instead of back to the poor house. All 12 of our millionaires are all about action. As Loral Langemeier says, “first you say YES, and then you figure out what to do next.” The point is… If you dream about a day when you can order a meal based on what you want instead of the cost… a time when college fees are covered and you’re still living comfortably… or that day you finally tell your boss “Adios, amigo”…Then, you’re ready to Crack the Rich Code!

People don’t have a problem “thinking” success. They have a problem “believing” that they can accomplish what they are “thinking.”

Your vision may be that you want to earn a million dollars, and the reality is that you don’t “believe” you can. Most people are convinced, through conditioning, that everything they do won’t work out. They have a failure “mindset.” All of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings make up your “mindset.” Your “mindset” influences your behaviors, and your behaviors bring forth results. Our “mindset” makes us as mechanical and predictable as a calculator. Hit this key and the number appears on the paper. Take a look at your past 10 years. In hindsight, how predictable have they been? The results you produce are always the result of your beliefs, your mindset. Change your beliefs and you will expand your limitations in your life. Simply put, if you develop a millionaire “mindset,” you will then become a millionaire! Start from right where you are today…

Your first step is to know that you can – and will – become rich. Any entrepreneur will tell you that all he or she did was to see a need and to create something that fulfilled that need.

Harv Eker says, “Solve a problem for a few people and you earn a few dollars. Solve a problem for many people and you could get wealthy.” Again, it doesn’t matter what the business model is…it’s about how you approach the business…your mindset! You don’t need a Master’s degree or a ton of money to get rich. For example: Bill Bartmann started his “career” by joining a traveling circus and then moved “up” to joining a street gang before venturing out on his own. His net worth grew to over three billion dollars and was once named one of the 25 wealthiest people in America. Barbara Corcoran started her real estate empire with $1,000. She sold her company for over $70 million in cash. Anthony Morrison always had a fascination with the Ford Mustang. He noticed that it wasn’t easy to find Mustang parts online, so he created a website and offered Mustang parts for sale. The business took off, and before long he was a millionaire. T. Harv Eker had to fail miserably a couple of times before figuring out that his “money blueprint” kept him broke. He turned his love of exercise and fitness into a multi-million dollar business. And, Loral Langemeier quit a high-paying job cold turkey to start her coaching business without ever knowing “the next step.” Besides being dubbed “The Millionaire Maker,” Loral lives the good life with her own plane and multi-million dollar home overlooking Lake Tahoe. You don’t have to know what’s next, or even how to start. All you need is the willingness to invest in yourself and follow the advice of people who are where you want to be in life. Create the life you want… I got the idea for “Cracking the Rich Code” because I kept hearing from people about how hard it was to make money. And, yet, my friends and colleagues hadn’t stopped making money hand over fist, recession or no recession. The money is there to be had. There is no less money in the world. People are still spending money – and lots of it. For you to afford the BMW you’ve been lusting after… spend a full month diving in the Bahamas… or take the family to Europe for the entire summer… all you need is a good money-making idea and the willingness to follow some guidance.

Making money is easy. Deciding to make money is hard.

You can own a business with dozens of employees; or, you can work from home in your network marketing g business. It doesn’t matter. If you are in business the focus should be on making money with whatever you do. If you are marketing a product that you feel everyone needs and your passion is to serve others, let the amount of money your earn be your gauge to how much you shared.

Money is all about FREEDOM. If you want freedom you’ll need plenty of money. So grow your business AS IF you’re going to sell it for $10 million.

Decide RIGHT NOW – that you will re-write your money blueprint and make the kind of money that gives you the lifestyle you want. To make lots of money you’ll need the best possible information on how to get started… the mental mindset that helps you overcome obstacles, push through self-doubt, and get the help that’s going to keep you propelled forward… and ongoing advice, assistance, and encouragement that digs you out of holes and keeps you on course. Start today:

  • Make a written and verbal commitment to being wealthy that will show you who’s with you and who’s going to hold you back…
  • Manage your time so that you do what’s important to making money, and eliminate everything else…
  • Step out of your comfort zone so that you can take the full spectrum view and prepare yourself for the WILD RIDE to the top…
  • Overcome self-imposed limitations that will enable you to SEE money-making opportunities instead of problems…
  • Manage your daily choices, actions, and be on purpose WITH a purpose…
  • Develop your overall strategy for success, so that with every action you move toward success instead of toward failure…
  • Build your network and establish lasting relationships that give you the resources you need to create wealth…
  • Develop your leadership skills and build a team that shares your vision for wealth and success…
  • And, most importantly, stop procrastinating. You’ll start building your wealthy future TODAY.

Define what success means to you… Do you want to be rich, be successful or retire wealthy? What is success? It can
be whatever you say it is. In order to define what success means to you, you might want to consider some of the following. Do you consider yourself a successful person? Do you think that others consider you successful? Do you have a success role model? If so, which of their attributes do you most admire…courage, personality, resourcefulness, self-confidence? Can you see any of these qualities in yourself? What is your definition of success? What behaviors, beliefs or attitudes would you need to change to have success on your own terms? What one step could you take that would move you in the right direction? Do you live your life on your own terms? Are you able to do what you want to do when you want to do it? Once you’ve decided what it is you really want the next step is to make a firm, unshakable, decision to have it. Coming in for a landing … It is absolutely essential to have a crystal clear picture of what you want to accomplish before you begin.

You must learn to operate with a sharply defined mental image of the outcome you want to attain. Focus your attention on the spot where you want to land, not on where you are now, or on any misconceptions or shortcomings you may think you have.

In other words visualize your arrival and you’ll develop a sort of magnetic harmony with the ways and means required to get there. You’ll attract the people and circumstances needed to get you where you want to go. Solutions will begin to appear and obstacles will seem to disappear. Answers will come to you. People will show up to support you in your endeavor. Look at your end result as something are already prepared to do, you just haven’t done it yet. You have the potential, and the resources are available for you to have anything you want. The only thing missing is your firm, unshakable decision. I would also like to help with “Cracking the Rich Code.” This is the most comprehensive program ever created on the subject of making money. Find out more at: or email me at


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