Wealth – Is a Four Letter Word! by Ted Henry

Ted HenryWealth can be anything that makes a person, a group, a family better off in many ways. Talk about Wealth in a crowd of people, at your next party, at work, at church, or on the street with homeless people and take note of the various reactions! The very mention of the word Wealth can and most often will invoke Confusion, Smiles, Frowns, Political discussion, and/or Religious discussion. Those Democrats, those Republicans, those rich people and all their money, those poor people who have nothing.

Wealth is something people want and at the same time despise.

Wealth can create an environment of trust and at the same time distrust. Wealth is most often associated with Money. Lots and lots of money! If you have it, you like it. You will most likely either be afraid to let anyone know or you will flaunt it for the world to see. NULL

If you don’t have it, you hate it and at the same time you want YOUR Share of it! You deserve your share! Wealth changes lives! People die because of wealth and at the same time lives are saved because of wealth.

Be honest with yourself. When you see someone that is Wealthy, what feelings do you have?

Do you like them immediately and think how wonderful they must be? Do you think that they are “snooty” and selfish and don’t deserve what they have? Be honest! If you are like most people, you have both feelings. Like and dislike. Love and Hate.

Programming. It is all about programming. Everyone in the world has been exposed to some kind of programming on how we think about certain things.

These thoughts have been programmed in our minds, fed to us, told to us, since we were children. These thoughts have now become feelings, that determine our actions, that determine our results in life. Look at the world today and tell me: Has the majority of programming been good or bad? Do your own little bit of “Market Research”. Next time you are in a group of people talk about Wealth and see for yourself. Talk about the wealth of friendships you have. Talk about the wealth of love you have. What are the responses? Then talk about the wealth of finances a person has. Unless you are in a group of people that either are affluent or “understand” wealth, watch the changes in attitude and posture of most. I have done this countless times and almost without exception there is a tremendous shift of energy in the room. The reality is that wealth can refer to money, health, education, love, friendships, happiness, both things tangible and intangible. Wealth can be anything that makes a person, a group, a family better off in many ways.

Take a serious look at what wealth means to you. Get clear on the meaning. Your definition, your understanding can make all the difference in The world!

James 1:8 – A double minded man is unstable in all ways! Ted Henry


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