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Deb BixlerWhen you go out of your way to learn lead generation systems that add strangers to your client base your business will thrive! In home party plan there is nothing more important than bookings. Judging from the number of requests that I continuously get for training on this topic, it is obvious that it is the number one concern of all party plan consultants. Most companies’ party plan new consultant training programs include teaching the sales force to invite their 40, 55, or 100 best friends that they ever met since kindergarten to host a show, then book all future shows from those.

The party plan system or business model is basically a viable system to reach many customers and yet no business can be built by depending only upon friends, family and acquaintances for lead generation.

Build A Home Party Plan Business NULL
In order to build a balanced business, home party plan consultants need to have a broad client base. For starters, ensuring that your first 20 shows fall into every category of acquaintances will help you to have a solid business tree down the road. Categories of acquaintances include: friends, family, schools, work, organizations and neighbors. When you think of a tree, each of your first 20 shows represent a root. If all of your first 20 shows fall into only 2 of the above categories, then it is only a matter of time until you business tree falls over. It is impossible to grow up without a good root system. Put your first 20 shows or teach your team to put their first 20 shows into all 7 categories with the 7th category being “strangers.” Strangers are really the taproot for your business tree.

When your first 20 shows are distributed evenly between all 7 categories you will have a business tree that continues to grow.

Find Business Bookings From Strangers When you add strangers to your client base on a regular basis you will build a strong, solid business. No business can depend on friends, family and acquaintances, so why do we expect that to happen in party plan? There are many ways to find new customers that are not related to your existing client base. Some systems of lead generation include: Fish Bowl Drawings: Set up a small but interesting display in the gym, bank or other business offering a free (spa treatment, cooking show, makeover) demonstration. Then call EVERYONE and tell them they won. Fairs & Expo Booths: Set up a booth at local fairs and expos, meet lots of people and get lots of experience asking. Remember to work your booth, not just sit there. Go To Vendor Events: Go to vendor events as a guest. Pay the door fee and network with the vendors. It is their job to talk with you, so network then ask “Is this a good event? I was thinking about setting up here next year.” As soon as you do that they will ask about YOUR business. Become A Public Speaker: There are 1000s of clubs near you that need entertainment. Start making calls. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Kiwanis Club and the library are only a few of the many groups waiting to hear from you. Offer Fundraiser Events: Multi-task when calling clubs. Ask them how you can help them with their fundraising needs. This is only a short list of the many opportunities to add strangers to your client base. Are you willing to go to any lengths to find bookings?

When you go out of your way to learn lead generation systems that add strangers to your client base your business will thrive! Your will never worry about bookings again!

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