How to Deal With Negativity by Robert Shemin

Robert SheminThe life you experience… it’s all about perspective! Most people you talk to, especially our family and friends are very negative. If you pay attention to what they say, what you hear and even how you talk, the amount of negativity can be overwhelming. Try this fun but depressing exercise: For the next 5 hours pay attention to the amount of positive vs. negative subjects discussed around you and with you. Be aware and keep count of the number of negative thoughts, statements and stories we all love to talk about. Certainly there are problems and a lot of pain out there, especially in the business and money world. If you’re not completely brought down by all your friends and families’ negativity just turn on the TV. Remember the most important purpose of television programming is to sell advertising. And what do you think sells the most? -Positive uplifting stories or tragedy, doom and gloom and negativity? NULL

Again, make it into a fun game and keep score of what you hear that’s positive and what you hear that’s negative. Now pay particular close attention to how you talk about business, money relationship and life. Is it mostly positive or negative? How do you think it would impact your life and your decision-making? It’s always amazing to me as I travel around the world that when I talk to a group of 100 people at a business or investing meeting 75 or 85 of them will tell me how bad and difficult things are, how business is down and how there don’t seem to be many opportunities. Then the other 15/20 out of those same 100 tell me their business is up 15 %, they are making tons of money and how things are better than ever. Just like when you ask your friends how a movie was and some of them say it was the worst movie ever and a few say it was the best movie they have ever seen. How can they be talking about the same movie? It’s all about perspective! The same is true for business, investing or opportunity.

That is why it is so important to surround yourself with positive people. Furthermore you must be aware of how you speak and think and how all and everything around you is speaking and thinking.

One solution I have found is to categorize where we get our advice from into 3 groups of advice givers. Everyone loves to give you advice and opinions including me, which I am about to do for you right now: From now on anytime anyone gives you advice about something which they know nothing about put them into category one and pay absolutely NO attention to it. Category 1 people is where we get the majority of our advice about money, business, investing, politics and science. Category 2 people are people who have tried something and failed miserably at it and love to tell you about it. Is it really wise to pay much attention to their opinions? Probably not! However this is where most of us get our second largest amount of advice from. Category 3 people: These are people who are doing what they talk about and are considered experts! They are successful at it and practice it every day. Category 3 people are the only people I listen to as they actually practice and know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, this group is where we get the least amount of direction from. From now on try only to listen to category 3 people. In conclusion think about your own thoughts, words and actions and what percent are positive or negative. Of course it’s always nice to be careful, but there is a difference between careful and negative. Also, who and where are you getting your advice from? Put them in categories 1, 2 or 3 and be careful whom you pay attention to.


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Robert Shemin
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