Values – The ABC’s of Business Values by Deb Bixler

Deb BixlerOur values, those things which are important to us, change and evolve over time. Our values, those things which are important to us, change and evolve over time. (Thank goodness for that!!) Every company has business values whether they are aware of them or not. There are literally hundreds of values that a business person or company can hold dear. This is only a partial list of the many values that a person could and should incorporate into their business. A Through Z Business Values

These 26 values have selected because the consistent and persistent adherence to them will guarantee your home business success.

Acceptance: Creating a successful and profitable home business takes time. Acceptance of the process is essential. Balance: Balance between personal and business life will make you more effective when you are focused on your business. Make sure you take time for yourself and other areas of your life. NULL

Commitment: The very definition of commitment guarantees your success. The only way you can fail is if you quit! Dependability: Dependability means that your business partners, team members, and friends know that you will always do what you say. Be dependable and do it in a timely manner. Excitement: People love to do business with excited people. Fun: If you are not having fun you will not be excited. If you are having fun, it will never be work!! Generosity: Always give your best stuff away for free! Health: Without your health you have nothing. Your health is your greatest asset, so treat it as such. Investment & Intuition: I cannot decide which one to use here, so we will go with both. Businesses require investments: time, money and emotions. Go with your intuition more often than not; your unconscious mind usually makes better decisions than your conscious mind. Justice For All: Always act with moral rightness and equity. Honor and fair treatment are key values. Knowledge Is King: Never stop being a student. Leadership: Be a leader even when you have no one to lead. Motivation: No one can motivate you. It must come from within. Nerve: It takes nerves of steel to build your own business. Everything good involves risk, so steady those nerves! Open-Mindedness: You are not always right. Being open-minded to collaboration and the opinions of others will leverage your business. Professionalism & Passion: This is another time when I could not pick one over the other. You must have a passion for your business! If you do not, it will be hard to maintain your commitment. View your business as a professional. There are certain best-business practices that all professions adhere to. They will work for home business owners, too. Quirky: Be a little quirky. Keep them guessing. Don’t take yourself too darn seriously! Have FUN! Relaxation: Take time for yourself. Relaxation is essential. I get my best business ideas when relaxing. Service: We are in a service industry. The word ‘sales’ comes from a word that means “to serve”. Focus on the needs of your guests. Truth: Always tell the truth. Practice rigorous honesty at all times! Uniqueness: Understand your uniqueness. The more you narrow down your niche, the easier it is to do your marketing. Value & Vision: When you bring value to the market place as you serve the needs of others, you will always get what you want. Make sure you have a clear company vision that is written down in a business plan and updated yearly. Willingness: There is an unlimited number of leads and business out there. If you do not have enough business, then chances are you are not willing to go to any lengths to get it. X marks the spot for the treasure on the map. Keep your goals in sight and you will soon be greatly rewarded. Youthfulness: Staying young at heart is essential in home business. Having a home business can help you to stay young at heart if you let it. Zeal: Don’t be afraid to show the passion and zeal that you have for what you are doing.

Your business values can change. Maybe you will add a few of these to your company mission as a result of reading this article.

I had so much fun writing this article that I feel like putting it on my own blog… but I guess I will contribute it to The Network Marketing Magazine as I had originally planned.


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