Stop Puking on People by Rod Nichols

rod nicholsIf you approach your warm market or even someone in the cold market with your business, without determining whether they really have a need, then you’ve missed the mark.

Probably the biggest mistake people make in network marketing is talking too much.

They join a company, find out about the products/services and business and then puke all over people. If you were their friend, family member, or co-worker, how excited would you be to hear more after a major information puke. Now, sometimes people don’t puke on people verbally, instead they put together an information package with every possible tool the company offers – we call this puke in a bag. Again, if you received this what are the odds that you would respond with interest? Probably pretty low. So, what’s the answer? In this article I’m going to answer that question by sharing how you can build relationships that will carry over into your business, creating loyal customers and business builders.  NULL

If you will do this instead of the good old puke approach, you will enjoy tremendous success. It’s what made the difference for me. For years I was puking all over people and sponsored very few. I think those who did join, did so out of pity for me. However, then I learned what I’m going to teach you and now I’m a top income earner and am enjoying total time freedom. We’ve all hear the old saying that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This is particularly true in network marketing. If you approach your warm market or even someone in the cold market with your business, without determining whether they really have a need, then you’ve missed the mark. Before you ever introduce a person to your business, you’ve got to determine if it’s a good fit in their life and you do that through questions. I like to use good FORM in this area: F = Family – Ask questions about their family life. “So, are you married?” “Do you have kids?” “How old are your children?” “What kinds of activities are they involved in?” O = Occupation – Ask questions about their occupation. “So, what do you do for a living?” “How’s that going for you?” “Is that something you plan to do the rest of your life?” “if you could do anything, what would it be?” “I’ve heard that pays really well.” “Does your wife/husband work?” “What kind of hours do you have to work?” “Does that require travel?” R = Recreation – Ask questions about their non-working life – “Where are you headed for vacation this summer?” “Have you ever been on a cruise?” “What’s your favorite Hawaiian island?” “Where do you like to go in the Caribbean?” “Do you like Disneyland or Disney World better?” M = Money – Ask money related questions – “I just started a new business and will be making some significant money in the coming years, so I’m looking for a good investment, have you found any?” “If you don’t mind me asking, where are you investing your extra money?” “Got any good stock tips?” These questions do a couple of things. First, they allow you to get to know the person better and shows that you care about them and their life. Second, you have the opportunity of uncovering both pain and passion areas. When you find a pain or passion area, you want to say something like: “tell more about that” or “how does that make you feel” or “that must be painful/difficult”, which accentuates the pain in an empathetic manner. Keep accurate records of all your contacts, so that you can easily refer back to this information. If I’m in a conversation and Mary mentions that her son plays baseball, I might ask, “Really. I love baseball. What position does he play?” “How is his team doing?” “When do they play next?” “When does he pitch next?” Then I would make note of her son’s name and all of this information I gathered. The next time I talk with Mary, I can ask how he did in the game, which will totally impress her that I remembered (thanks to a good record keeping system).

Once you have some pain and passion areas, you can now approach with your network marketing business as a solution, instead of a puke fest. People are much more open to hearing about your business, when it relates directly to them.

Here’s an example of what you could say: “Mary, when we spoke yesterday, you mentioned that your husband is really struggling at work; that they are laying people off and piling the work on him, requiring him to work long hours. I could tell that was causing a strain on the family and it really bothered me. You also mentioned some financial struggles and that your husband wasn’t able to attend some of Jimmy’s baseball games. My heart went out to you and your family. I wanted to let you know that I might have a solution for you. I don’t know if it’s a good fit or not, but shame on me if I didn’t at least let you know. Would you be open to looking at a solution that could get your husband out of his job, bring him home so all of you can spend more time together and completely eliminate those financial struggles?” The odds are very good, Mary will say “yes”, as will most prospects, if you’ve taken the time to build a relationship, rather than just puke on them. Plus, when they join, you can continue building that relationship through phone calls, personal meetings, cards, emails, gifts, recognition, inspiration, and encouragement.

It may take some extra time and effort, but a solid relationship will result in a higher join ratio and extremely loyal customers and distributors.

So, stop puking on people and start building relationships and you will climb to the top of your company!


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