Does It Really Start With Hello? by Barbara Pellegrino

Barbara PellegrinoThere is a whopping 55%- 93% that a person will “pick up” about you at an intuitive, energetic or emotional level. Does it really start with Hello? Logically you would say yes of course, as Hello, Hi , Hola, Ola, Bon Jour, Buenas Dias and a multitude of other greetings are generally the first sound and words that we express towards one another.

But in actuality the first impression is made long before the first word is uttered.

“The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves but in our attitude towards them.” Saint-Exupery, The Wisdom of the Sands
There has been a long cited study about the effectiveness of communication: 7% Words 38% Tonality 55% Body language (below the conscious level of awareness)  NULL

If this study is accurate then, there is a whopping 55%- 93% that a person will “pick up” about you at an intuitive, energetic or emotional level. How does body language and your energetic presence and emotional intelligence give people the opportunity to intuitively know about you and pre decide whether they like you or even if they want to say hello… without knowing you? It is amazing how much we perceive about each other by our physical presentation, our posture, the way we dress and the expression we have on our faces. How can you tell if someone has had a bad day? What are the tell tale signs? Shoulders slumped, head hanging low, a sad or angry look on their faces. There are people who, when they enter a room, it seems as if they bring in a “black cloud” of gloom. They may seem preoccupied, not paying attention, or busy on a call or just “lost in their own thoughts.” Whereas someone who is happy or charismatic gives off very different signs. What are the signs of this type of person? Happy? A bounce in their step, bright smile, even if they are on the phone they are welcoming and engaging others without talking directly to them. Some have the ability to cheer up a room when they enter.

How do you wish to impact your customers and team every time you say hello? What is the quality of energy and emotional intelligence you wish to display even before you say hello?

What type of energy, enthusiasm and emotional intelligence are you looking for in the team you build around you?

“Who you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying”- Ralph Waldo Emerson
There is a saying that when emotions are high, then intelligence is low. And the inverse is true, when the intelligence is high the emotions are low. How do you achieve a happy balance of intellectual and emotional intelligence so that you can be passionate and intelligent. Enthusiastic and coherent, responsive and not reactive.

Imaging being engaging and charismatic even before you say hello!

To become aware and conscious of the impressions and effects people make upon each other it is helpful to understand the 7 levels of energy (emotional intelligence), how it impacts your world and interacts with attitude and perceptions. To learn more about the Energy Leadership Development System™ and how it affects you and others please contact [email protected] or visit


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Barbara Pellegrino
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