Network Marketing Relationships – It Starts With a Simple HELLO by Terri Levine

Terri LevineThere is a lot of power in one little “hello” – try unleashing it on your world and watch your list of contacts grow. For many network marketers, the hardest part of their business is their people relationships, either finding new people to meet, establishing a relationship with new people they meet, or maintaining healthy relationships with existing people.

When you start your business you have a list of people you know and usually know well enough to establish a relationship, but if you want your business to grow and expand, you have to expand the number of people you meet. You also have to maintain healthy relationships with your existing list.

While you aren’t in a popularity contest, being considered popular will stand you in good stead because it will make creating new relationships easier. But what if you’re shy and not the outgoing type who can chat easily with strangers? Can you say hello? How are you? My name is….? And yours is….? NULL

These are all simple, non intrusive questions with a friendly slant.

Rule number one in striking up conversations with new people is to limit the number of times you say “I”. Put the focus on the other person.

Ask them questions. Be interested. Interact. People love to talk about themselves and when you focus your attention on them allowing them to do that, they will warm to you – because you’re talking about their favorite subject – themselves. Ask about their families, their jobs, their pets, where they came from. If you are uncomfortable striking up conversations with strangers, keep them talking about themselves and by the time they run out of things to say, it will feel almost like “old friends”. One of the reasons new relationships don’t work out is when networkers come on too strong and make it obvious they are only interested in the other person to sign them up to their business. They don’t really care about the other person… and then they wonder why the other person doesn’t want anything to do with them. All the sweet Hello’s in the world will not bring them into your inner circle if the very first conversation you have with them is about your business and asking if they are interested in joining you and the moment they hum and hah, you turn your back on them looking for an easier target! Before you start chewing off people’s ears about your network business, get to know them first and establish a relationship. Let them get to know you and like you.

You need time to establish your credibility and trustworthiness. As the relationship progresses, they will find out what you are doing and by natural progression they will find out about your business, your passion for it, and all the details you’ve been dying to share with them.

You don’t just turn up to a party and turn it into a “grab more people for my list” opportunity. Use these types of occasions to start relationships – some may very well join your list, some may not, and others may refer you to friends who might be interested. Understanding that not everybody will be interested in joining you in business or buying your products, you will need to make meeting new people a way of life. Where? Standing in line for your bus with familiar faces? Rather than ignore them, strike up a conversation. “I like your jacket,” or “I think the bus is running a bit late this morning, do you?” Then “Where do you work?”

You will find valuable “hello” opportunities everywhere.

In queue for cinema tickets. The people who walk on the floor above yours who you only ever see when you want to use the photocopier. The regulars you meet at your local bar or restaurant or café. The group you see at your local sporting club. Maybe you have only ever smiled at these people before… now it’s time you took the smile a step further and added a hello. Break the ice and get a conversation going. Even if your very first effort is just “looks like rain.” It’s a start. But don’t dismiss people you’ve known in the past and maybe didn’t establish a relationship with or didn’t get along with very well. You can redeem yourself with sincerity. Don’t dwell on those who have made it clear they don’t want a relationship with you, just remain friendly and move on.

The best time to look for new contacts is while you are still going through your existing lists of people. Always have new people in your life who you are establishing a relationship with.

Valuable, worthwhile relationships that last aren’t made overnight, so you will need to allow yourself time to establish a mutually respectful relationship, starting off slowly, without pushing or coming across over eager and allow the friendship to blossom naturally at its own pace.

Don’t restrict your people meeting opportunities to face-to-face events. Social media plays a powerful part in today’s business world and networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are used for social and business activity.

If you don’t have these free accounts, you should open them immediately and start growing your list. The rules for establishing relationships face to face apply here, too. You can’t immediately become great pals with someone you barely know but you have to put yourself out there so you can meet them and give friendship a chance to grow. And as with meeting people any other way, you start with the basics, and focus on them. There is a lot of power in one little “hello” – try unleashing it on your world and watch your list of contacts grow.


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