3 Distinct Aspects To Our Business Relationships by George Madiou

George-MadiouOurs is a people business. Sure people buy our products and services, but most of all people buy us. Many businesses run on personal relationships. The Network Marketing industry succeeds or fails on great or poor relationships. Why is this? Ours is a people business. Sure people buy our products and services, but most of all people buy us. Most of what we sell can be purchased at a store or a mall or at some service establishment, but people buy from our business because of us.

In our business, people buy us. That might sound strange but it’s true.

It’s the relationship that attracts the purchase or the desire to enter into a business partnership. People develop an extra sense in the relationship that goes with the purchase or the partnership. There are 3 distinct aspects to this relationship that make this transaction or partnership unique compared to just walking into a store. NULL

The Customer or Business Builders are Important to Us… We Care For Them In Direct Sales, Network Marketing or Party Plan businesses, one thing that ties all 3 together is the care factor. Sure people care about their customers if they have a retail store or a service business, however in our business it’s that we care about the person themselves and this develops a long term relationship that is important to us and how we interact with those we do business with. We get to know someone and we get to know who they are and what their true needs are.

This care factor is what makes this relationship long term and meaningful.

There is often a recommendation. There is often a recommendation that comes with a business relationship. People who tell people, this happens in our business more often than in most business. We are accustomed to telling our friends and those we know about our great experience. We as business owners are more aware of this special relationship and we honor this recommendation. Personal Development Drives Our Business One of the most unique aspects of our business is that it is driven by personal development.

More than almost any other business, personal development is a part of our business and who we are and who we are developing into. As a result of this, our business relationships are affected in a most positive way.

I was talking to someone I know who owns a sales rep company that he has been with for 35 years. I was surprised when he commented that he doesn’t have the kinds of relationships with his vendors, customers nor people in his company that I have. Personal development is a part of the culture in our industry and that is a big part of great relationships that develop in our businesses. Who we develop into as a person leads us to care more about who we do business with and results in us being recommended more often. These are three distinct aspects to our business relationships. Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder www.TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com


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George Madiou
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