Promotion Goal: Be the Best WHO by Julie Ziglar Norman

Julie Ziglar NormanBe sure to make being the best WHO you can be your primary goal. Promotion is generally thought of as related to promoting or marketing our businesses. I believe the five W’s of promotion all come home to roost on our very shoulders. If we aren’t “Who” we say we are, people don’t care to know the first thing about the next four W’s; what, when, where, or why!

In all business integrity is imperative to success, but the network marketing business is especially sensitive to “who” we REALLY are, how we are perceived, if we are respected, considered trustworthy, consistent, competent, dependable, knowledgeable, and readily available.

WHO isn’t about who we want to promote our business to – it is about us being the right kind of person for that individual to be associated with. Are we the best WHO we can be?

 NULL What isn’t as much about the opportunity, the product or service we represent as it is the hope our opportunity represents. What is about the goal of making life better. What is about change and moving forward. What is about more opportunity, more choices, more time, and more freedom.

WHAT is the stuff dreams are made of.

When isn’t always about how quickly we can approach every prospect we can think of. If we are new to network marketing, when might include the availability of our sponsor or an upline who is prepared to help us share what we have to offer.

WHEN becomes an achievable goal when we are ready to share the opportunity we represent in a way that inspires an individual to see the dream and seize the opportunity.

Where is always open for discussion and the easiest of the “W’s” to determine. The Where goal is to find the best information available. Would that be at an open meeting, a small home group, a private meeting in a quiet restaurant or at your prospects home?

WHERE usually presents itself, but be careful not to start a conversation in a location where your ability to fully explain your opportunity might be cut short.

It’d be a shame for someone to decide against a better future based on partial information.

WHY ought to relate to you fulfilling your prospects felt need, not just to your goal to grow your business.

When we sincerely put the needs of others before our own we come out ahead every single time. My father’s quote “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” speaks loudly to this concept and I have seen the positive outcome of putting others first time and again in my own life. Finally, when people know that your character is above reproach, they will be willing to meet with you anytime, anywhere, to discuss any opportunity because of WHO you are… your WHO becomes their WHY.

In network marketing PROMOTION is a matter of “ATTRACTION”. If you are happy and relaxed and you have a lifestyle that is attractive to others they will be attracted to you and naturally want to know how you set your goals and achieved what they dream of having.

Be sure to make being the best WHO you can be your primary goal. Reaching that goal will have the biggest long term positive impact on your business. Always lead by example. Continue to grow, educate and invest in yourself so others can readily see how you became the kind of WHO they’d like to be.


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