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Steve_DaileyAnd here’s the punch line: as the leading man or leading lady in our story, we can determine if there will be a sequel or not I recently went on a business trip and spent my allotted time in airports. I find I really don’t get much done sitting around an airport because I like watching people too much. It’s so interesting to me. I like to make a game of trying to figure out “the story” that is unfolding for any person that I might be watching at the time. You know; where they are coming from or where they are going, how come, what they are thinking, how old they are, who they’re with and how they are related, what happened to them on the way to the airport, what they forgot in their luggage… all the crazy things that I can think up in a stream of thought before the next person walks across my periphery and I get to start again. NULL

I’ve never had the courage to walk up to someone and ask them what their real story is, though. Maybe someday.

But it occurs to me that there is one thing is common with every single person I observe; and that is that they ALL have a story. Every one of us is living a story every minute of every day.

And that story has a plot or a theme. And the story has main characters. And the story has comedy or drama or tragedy or lessons. And our story has opening scenes that predict a happy ending, but at times turns in the characters of the story that makes a sad ending. And sometimes our stories have heroes, or we are are heroes, or we are left searching for heroes.

And here’s the punch line: as the leading man or leading lady in our story, we can determine if there will be a sequel or not. We can decide if our story just keeps on playing out the way it always has – or if we can create a surprise ending or segue to a new plot.

If we weren’t the hero in the last one, we can make ourselves the hero in the next one. If we had things bad happen to us in the episode 1, we can have phenomenal things happen to us in episode 2. If I see you in the airport on my next trip – what story will you be playing out? Will I want to come back and see the sequel? Will I stand up and applaud for an encore? Will I root for you to rise to the occasion and come out on top against all odds? I can’t wait to see. Coach Steve Dailey © 2011, Steve Dailey


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