Your Story is Unlike Anyone Else’s ~ Use It to Your Advantage by Jackie Lee

Jackie LeeThere are great ways to go about getting free leads and building your network marketing business… it starts with YOU. When I started in my first network marketing company I remember very excitedly telling my husband, “I get my very own website!!” I was new online, and new to network marketing. I thought having my own website was awesome! I thought it was going to build my business for me. I quickly learned it was not my replicated website that would build my business, but me, who I am, what I believe, my energy ~ ME! I have since learned a lot about how to drive traffic from the search engines to my site, and how to capitalize on those visitors ~ whether you are in network marketing, making money from adsense, and everything in between. It now seems ridiculous to me, knowing what I know, why anyone would use their replicated site as a first stop. NULL

There are such better ways to go about getting free leads and building your network marketing business.

I still see network marketers sending possible customers and possible business partners to replicated site after replicated site. On social network profile pages people are linking to their replicated site and it just about drives me CRAZY!! Replicated sites are just about worthless for a few reasons:

  1. People have to know, like and trust YOU if they are going to buy from YOU. Your replicated site is just like everyone else’s replicated site. There is NO YOU in there.
  2. Replicated sites do not get traffic from search engines, because there are a million out there identical to yours. They are not optimized for search engines, and will never get you search engine visitors. So if you want to get free leads (aka organic traffic) from search engines your site has to be unique and optimized with useful, unique content. This is pretty easy to learn
  3. Your company site gives people too many choices. When people are faced with so many choices they just shut down and choose nothing.
  4. You can’t create your own list of buyers and interested parties with a replicated site. So you have no way of staying in touch with your website visitors. You can not build relationships with them, and you have no way of helping them solve their problems after they leave your site.

Now, don’t feel bad. Remember in the beginning I was feeling so lucky my company gave me my very own site too. I also know that if I knew then what I know now, I might have stuck with that very first company and still been with it today. So what’s a person to do?

Build your own site, with your own story, and your favorite stories about your favorite product.

It is your story, your energy, YOU that will sell not only your products, but your business opportunity as well. It sounds like a huge undertaking, but it really is as easy as writing a word document. Your story will draw people in. They will want to know more about you, what you are doing, what you think, and what company you are working. If people know, like and trust YOU they will get in whatever it is you are doing, so they can spend more time with you. This may seem far fetched to some of you, and it may be contrary to everything your upline has taught you, but it really does work. It is all about building a relationship with your potential customer or business partner.

When you build a relationship, it is only natural that some of those relationships move further, into partnership, but it begins with letting people know more about YOU.



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