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Terri LevineListen and if you don’t have something to help them, suggest other sources and products which might be best for them. This is true customer service and you will be remembered for it I have enjoyed remarkable success and made serious money from network marketing businesses. It is so easy when you share with others products and services that you honestly feel passionate about because you do know it will help them. One of the other benefits of network marketing apart from the financial benefits from selling the products and services is you can also reap the rewards simply by helping other people to discover and enjoy the business.

Network marketing is not just about selling products. It’s about people. Helping people and building relationships with them, and the better your relationships, the more successful you will be.

To me there is nothing more important than coming from integrity and caring and serving other people. Be a superstar in making people feel good because you choose to, not because you are looking to “get” something in exchange. NULL

Your business will suffer if you develop the reputation as one who is only friendly when you are trying to get others “in” to your business or buy your products and if they are not interested, then neither are you and you stop all pretense at friendliness. Nobody likes to be used. Have fun learning about people and be truly interested in who they are and what is important to them. When you tune in and connect from your heart, you will be a success.

People shop and invest their money where they receive excellent customer service. This means impeccable manners and being polite and friendly and taking the time to develop relationships.

You have to be a good listener and listen to their needs so you can meet them. You should also pay close attention to any complaints and act on them immediately, letting your customer know you acknowledge their complaint and telling them what you plan to do about it. But being friendly and polite is just a small part of customer service. When you are a network marketer, you are in the business of serving people with your products or services. Instead of spending most of your time and energy worrying about what to say and how to say it and how to overcome objections and concerns and focusing on what actions to take next, like setting up a 3-way call, etc… get focused on the right stuff!

Network marketing is the business of relationships. You can lack knowing how to close and how to overcome objections and you can lack the “by the book” sales process and still be a superstar in this business IF you focus on serving people and deeply listening and connecting with them.

It’s also about honesty and integrity and doing what you say you will. It’s providing good, reliable service. If you want to attract customers, you need to know everything there is to know about your products and services so you can talk freely like the credible expert they expect you to be. If you don’t know the answers and have to keep referring to your upline or bringing others in to help you, you will lose credibility.

So YOU must be the expert – you are the one your customers are buying from and it is you that they look to for guidance.

Hand in hand with this is the necessity to be truthful about your products and services and don’t exaggerate claims in order to impress or encourage a sale or people to join up. Nobody prospers from deceit and dishonesty and you do your organization and the entire network marketing industry a disservice when you resort to dishonesty and exaggeration. It is because of the number of deceitful website businesses and dishonest network marketers who prey on innocent people that the business of network marketing sometimes gets a bad rap and people are suspicious. It is up to you to prove to your customers that you and your organization are not like that, so your behavior and what you say must be exemplary and above board. Don’t be pushy. Don’t be attached to the outcome. This won’t encourage people to buy or sign up – it will push them away. Have you ever been on the phone with a pushy salesperson or met one face to face? You get the full pitch straight away while they try to get your business. They talk non-stop and not only not let you speak but don’t listen when you do. You can be saying “Thanks but no thanks”, and they’re there with pen in hand asking you to sign up! You can tell them you aren’t interested or if you are you’re still in the process of looking around and checking out your options but this falls on deaf ears. They continue to push you and worse, they badmouth their competition to convince you their offer is the best so you may as well save yourself time by signing up with them immediately! I’ve known people who have had to hang up the phone mid sentence with pushy sales people like this. Those pushy people lose hundreds of potential customers like this and when word spreads, they even lose enquirers. Nobody will trust them. And nobody likes the hard sell approach.

You have to be friendly, polite and informative but not pushy. You have to let your potential customer make their own decision – you just provide the information they ask for and need to make an informed decision.

Give them all the options applicable. You can also suggest they compare what you’re offering with the competition. Often they won’t take you up on the suggestion because they’re thinking you must be very confident in your product to suggest such a thing! Be a good listener and if you don’t have something to help them, suggest other sources and products which might be best for them. This is true customer service and you will be remembered for it and attract new customers via excellent word of mouth referrals. An important point to remember is the customer you talk to today who isn’t interested right now, might be interested tomorrow, or they may know somebody who is interested. If you treat people the same way you like to be treated you can’t go wrong. If your business is run mostly via a website, your customer service will entail prompt replies to contact requests and emails and orders, making the ordering process as easy as possible for your customers. Respond to comments. Treat all contact with polite friendliness and warmth. Each contact is a potential customer. If people say they are not interested, stop and thank them for their time and wish them well. Don’t keep going on and on in the hope of changing their mind. That never works. Keep records of your customers and note things like birthdays, wedding anniversary’s, children, etc. so you can send cards on special occasions and show your special clients that you care. Do surveys of your clients asking for feedback or suggestions for improvement and you an also send out a small newsletter via email to keep them informed about the business or the products and services. Always let them know you are available for them when they need you. Be approachable and easy to contact.

Demonstrate a happy, friendly and likable persona and you will attract people who, in liking and trusting you, will express interest in doing business with you.

Don’t show that you care if they sign up or buy or not – be friendly and likable either way and you will impress your customers even more. In network marketing, excellent customer service is the way to your customer’s heart and the way to achieving outstanding business success.


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