Ask NOT What Network Marketing Can Do for Us, Ask What WE Can Do for Network Marketing! by Sue Seward

sue.sewardStart to think more about what others are looking for, then something remarkable begins to happen. How many times have we heard this statement – Network Marketing is all about building relationships? What’s important are other people and what ‘they’ want. When we stop treating people like a cash machine and instead start to think more about what others are looking for, then something remarkable begins to happen.

People begin to seek us out. In other words work harder to become a giver vs a taker. Think about what we can do to help other people. Believe it or not this is also a smart way to really find out if they are the ‘right’ ones that we’re looking to partner with in our business!

Sometimes it seems all we do is give, give, give and nothing is coming back. With patience, persistence, consistent efforts and genuine caring for people all of a sudden people start to contact us and we begin to build relationships which eventually form into a very solid foundation in which we will ultimately continue to build on for years! NULL

Building strong relationships is also possible to do through the internet. I’ve done just that, very effectively for years. What I’ve seen many people do is sign up a lot of people in their programs online and then never really have any other ‘real’ human form of contact or connection with them. What I mean is connecting with someone over a telephone conversation or meeting someone in person. I have been able to form relationships online because of keeping in constant contact via email, the phone and have even met people in my network at business conferences.

This really helps people get to know us when they can actually meet us over the phone and in person. The connection becomes more real and solid. Networking can be a lot of fun when our genuine purpose is to get to know people and ask them “how can I be of service to you?”

When meeting people through the internet or offline, find out what they are interested in before babbling on about ourselves, our company, our products, and pay plan. After all, some people believe it or not, may not be interested in what we may consider the greatest company and products in the world until we show them that we genuinely care about them and what’s interesting to them. In other words, what’s in it for them. They might be in the middle of a huge crisis in their life and the timing just may not be right for them. They could really need a shoulder to lean on and seeking out someone who really cares for them at this time to understand their particular situation. Understand though this is not about getting into a ‘Mother Teresa’ syndrome or becoming a Social Worker.

Keep a balance of being of service and also being professional and business minded at the same time.

Listen very carefully and find out where a person is in their life and then see how to be of service to them. Sometimes when we meet someone they could have so many personal problems that we just have to move away from them for awhile. So listen carefully. No matter what a person’s situation though they still may not be interested in what we’re doing and that’s ok, it’s nothing personal about us. The important thing is to be respectful of their decision and where they are in their life at this moment. It’s most likely not going to be a permanent situation and we can be there when they are ready. Timing is everything! Just stay focused on others, find out what they want and stay in touch periodically to see how they are doing and how things have changed for them. Also remember too that owning a business and becoming an entrepreneur will not be for everyone. Not everyone will have the tenacity to be or stay in business for themselves. Sometimes people are looking for a job as an employee with a paycheck. If there’s an indication about getting rich very quickly or that someone is going to do it for them then they just may not be cut out for the hard work, persistence, dedication and ability to handle delayed gratification which are some of the real world attributes of being a business owner and entrepreneur.

Focus on finding the ‘RIGHT ONES’, positive outgoing people with the above attributes. Spend time and energy on them and not the others who say “no thanks this isn’t for me” and stay clear of the negative complainers who have no desire to change the quality of their lives.

My grandma used to say “You would complain if you were hung with a new rope!” She was a very wise woman! Most grandmas are! She also passed that saying on to my mom who passed it on to me! So how do we find out if what we’re doing is right for someone we meet on or offline? We ASK lot’s of inquiring questions! Ask what we can do for THEM and then really listen to see if they are ‘RIGHT‘ for this business and find out their plan of action. Asking questions also leads to the next question and the next. It’s sort of like being a detective.

Find out what they do for a living. What are their hobbies? Are they satisfied with their life as it is? What would they like to do? How would they like to change their life? What’s important to them? Where do they want to be in the next 5 years? What have they done so far to move closer to their dreams and goals? Do they have a vision? What is their vision? If they do have a vision, great, if not help them put their vision down on paper. If they keep doing what they are now will they reach their goals? Are they coachable? Are they positive about life? Do they want to do good things to help others too? Do they want to learn and grow or just stay where they are? Are they willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams no matter what? Find out if they have experience in Network Marketing and if so find out all about it. Ask them what their thoughts are about the profession. Were they successful before and why or why not? What do they need to succeed? How can you help? Are they willing to help you too?

Here are some other questions we might ask: What attracted them to this opportunity? What sort of business are they looking for? Are they interested in tax advantages, having a reliable system, working cold market leads, warm market, in person presentations, meetings, events, training, self development, online marketing? Let them know we’re looking for ambitious, outgoing, friendly, positive people who are either entrepreneurial or want to develop into an entrepreneur and earn a serious stream of long term income. Does that describe them? Do they have experience in direct sales, network marketing, sales and marketing, customer service, or have they ever owned their own business? Do they like helping people? Ask them if training and support are important to them Are they a team player or more of a loner? Are they a self-starter, go getter? What sort of personality do they have? (there have been chapters in books written on this subject so find out more about how to determine personality types and how this can help connect better with people. This helps us develop better relationships to work more efficiently with others. What is their time table for taking action? Do they have a budget in mind to start their business? How much time are they willing to commit to their business during the week? Are they coachable? How do see themselves building their network marketing business? WHY do they want to do this? Help them set up a plan.

Jim Rohn always says “Those who fail -fail to plan!”

Sometimes people may not show an interest in our company or products but they may just be interested in who WE are. Show a genuine interest in ‘THEM’ by asking not what Network Marketing can do for US but what can WE do for Network Marketing! At your service!


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Sue Seward
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