Training vs Coaching Your Downline by Barbara Pellegrino

Barbara Pellegrino“Success depends on the support of others” – David Schwartz. PDH. Magic of thinking of big. The classic book, The Magic of Thinking Big was first released in 1959 and yet the basic principles introduced by the author David Schwartz still apply in network marketing and direct sales even today. Your team, your downline consists of people who like, believe and trust YOU. Lets face it… even if they LOVE the product or service you are offering, most likely there is at least one other person in your area who is likely to be in the same business and there is a reason why those people have joined your team! Now comes the question… What must you do to earn their continued support and have them accept your leadership? Motivation? Inspiration? Persuasion? Inclination? Manipulation? NULL

“In today’s world a person either supports you willingly or doesn’t support you at all” – David Schwartz. PDH. Magic of Thinking of Big. Your success depends on the people who recruited you and in turn the people who join your team. Your success depends on their success. You volunteered to join your company and you now have a volunteer sales and recruiting force who joined you.

These are the people who bought into your vision and are now your team members, hungry for the future that they imagine is possible for them … (with you leading them.)

You have a downline made up of individuals, independent consultants from diverse backgrounds, training and education who want more than they have now and they are willing to take action and do something about it! Your company undoubtedly provides excellent training, education and guidance about the products, the business model and the payment plans. You as a leader have integrated this information & mastered the systems and you have your own unique and yet duplicatable system for sharing, dispersing and communicating the relevant and vital information. You have all the ingredients for success. So what’s missing? Maybe nothing is missing… and if so… read no further. But, if there is something missing… if you and your team could perform even better, achieve greater success or if you feel that you are are being treated or you unintentionally are treating them like a employees and / or… your team is just not performing as well as it could, it has not yet reached its potential. What is the best course of action? More training? More motivation? Coercion? Bribery? Force? Or coaching?

Coaching is a process where you meet someone where they are at, right here, right now and you help them move forward. Coaching is a discovery process to draw out or elicit their reasons for why they are doing this business and especially and essentially why they joined your team and what is absolutely necessary to help them achieve better results.

After the “honey moon” wears off and the initial excitement and enthusiasm of beginners luck dwindles away, when they have exhausted friends and family… what’s next? That is when coaching is needed even more, because coaching your team either collectively or individually can help your team members, reignite their passion and reconnect with their own unique emotional why to self motivate and then encourage themselves and others to approach perfect strangers, groups, committees, organizations and corporations.

Material why’s are strong motivators for many and are about the rewards, the recognition, the trips, the car and the money. Emotional why’s are about the personal pride, support, about belonging, personal satisfaction and the “ennui” (french for fatigued from a lack of purpose)

Coaching is about asking the right questions, in the right way, in a supportive manner to help your team find their own true north and perform in a new and even more powerful way that will bring you the results you have been waiting for. Your personal effectiveness and team success will be greatly enhanced when you know when to train, when to motivate and when to coach.

“When all is said and done, more is usually said than done. If you will do today what others won’t, you will do tomorrow what others can’t.” – Keith J. Cunningham


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Barbara Pellegrino
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